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Thoughts and Question on Time of Contempt

TheWitcher7 - Thoughts and Question on Time of Contempt

Just finished Time of Contempt. It's been an amazing read and I'm stoked for more. Yet here are some questions/issues I have which I hope you can help me with:

  1. I was disappointed by the reunion of Ciri and Yennefer with Geralt at the end of Chapter 2/beginning of Chapter 3. Not so much Geralt and Yennefer, even though we don't get to hear the words of their first face-to-face conversation in years which I thought was well-written through Dandelion's comments and later interaction during the banquet, but rather Geralt and Ciri. Ciri takes a huge risk, escaping Yennefer, and wandering alone while being wanted like Public Enemy No 1 all to see Geralt. But when they meet they don't really interact, the relationship that has been so well established in Sword of Destiny and Blood of Elves doesn't show that much. All we get at first is one paragraph (which I can't find right now, where is it?) in which it is mentioned that Ciri herself is disappointed by the reunion with Geralt and that he is being kind of weird and emotionless. Why?! This is Ciri! Geralt, you love her! I also find it hard to believe that both Geralt and Yennefer thought it was a good idea to send Ciri ahead during the coup to fend off some elves when it is clear to me that the better course of action would be to fight alongside Ciri and protect her while making an escape.
  2. Geralt and Yennefer don't really talk about Ciri, which I find very irritating. After all, Ciri is something more and is supposed to further their relationship, right? Geralt doesn't question Yennefer's plan to bring Ciri to Aretuza, there is no mention of whether or not he actually approves, nor is he shown to care whether Ciri wants that (even though I know he does, and I know that her opposition to that might not have mattered, but still). They aren't shown to talk about plans for Ciri's future or their own future. Given the sorcerers' interest in Ciri's powers, I also don't see how Aretuza would have been a safe place for her anyway.
  3. In Blood of Elves it is well established that Ciri is wanted by everyone: the northern monarchs, Emhyr, sorcerers like Vilgefortz. Yet it doesn't seem to occur to Yennefer or Geralt that the mere name of Ciri might betray her indentity. I don't expect that every peasant knows the name of the Princess of Cintra, but given that the story of the massacre of Cintra is well-known and the fate of the princess a matter of great debate (I'm taking this from Blood of Elves, Ch. 1) I find it hard to believe that Ciri hasn't come across anyone who might have recognised the name when it is blurted out. I'm thinking of people like Jarre, some random dude in Gors Velen, someone in Aretuza. Or is Cirilla such a common name? She thinks of that herself later but then she goes with Falka, which isn't the smartest thing either because a mysterious girl under that name causing attention in an infamous gang would trigger Emhyr's attention, as Ciri is descended from Falka (isn't she? I'm still confused on that and the "theory" that Ciri's son would be the executor of Falka's vengeance or something).
  4. Why doesn't Triss inform Yennefer and Geralt of the impending coup? She clearly knew about it beforehand but as far as I understood it Yennefer (and Geralt of course) did not. Triss also cares for Ciri most after these two and the whole coup breaking out around Ciri might have brought her to harm, oh surprise it absolutely did. I find that hard to explain.
  5. Tissaia left us too soon. I've grown to like the character very much (especially her obsession for perfection) and knew she must have been crushed after her flawed decisions during the Thanedd coup, but her drastic course of action really hit me.
  6. I'm not a big fan of time jumps. One example is Geralt and Triss being teleported away by Tissaia from Thanedd. Where do they land? Directly in Brokilon? If so, why? Why did Triss leave? Where is she when Dandelion comes to Brokilon? Why do the dryads tolerate Geralt (and Triss if she was there)? The time jump leaves too many things obscure for my taste.
  7. Oh yeah, and I'm absolutely horrified at Ciri joining that band of murderers and rapists at the end. But I guess the idea is to put her through the worst of times and some kind of a rebellious phase which is interesting. I guess I'll see how that continues.

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