The Witcher

To show my love for this Product and universe, I’m goin to list all the things I dislike in this game

TheWitcher4 - To show my love for this Product and universe, I'm goin to list all the things I dislike in this game

Witcher Franchise is my favourite franchise at the time of writing this. Term gets thrown around so much it's probably losing it's significance yet I do not claim this lightly. As a person who tought video games are more fun than having a sports career now regretting this years later by being a videogame-addict instead of athlete. You have heard the praise and positive response this game (yeah, just Witcher 3 for now) and heard every reason why this is the best game ever. But like best relationships, you don't really love it unless you can tell what wrong in them and love them despite of their weaknessess. Just like friends and family

-Slow start: Witcher 3 has an unecouraging start because of the many restrictions and overall weaknessess that you're character has so it discourages to start have fun with the universe. Minus three points

-Level scaling is terrible. It starts weak, goes on mediocore and is awful in lategame. Minus one point

-Lategame is unbalanced and repetive (+35/70lvl) Minus five points

-Minimap: Game and most of the quests have been designed around minimap and the paths to objectives are difficult/infuriating without minimap as there is no other indicators. Minus one point

-Recycling: You will see same NPC's and their models many…many times. Minus three points

-After you can afford the repairs with ease, money and all other currencies become obsolete. Minus one point

-Royal palace of Vizima is boring and uninteresting. I miss you Trade Quarter… Minus one point

-Loading times are really demanding. Minus 0,5 points

-Triss has smaller boobs. Minus ten points

-Blacksmithing is overrated. Minus one point

-Cultures are perceived stereotypically. Minus 0,05 points

-Skellige: Apart from being pretty as lapland can ever be, Skellige is filled with nothing and emptiness apart from main quest line and islands leave much more to desire. Minus five points

-Crossbow is one trick pony. Minus three points

-Talents are ludicrously strong and broken, exception of those talents that are garbage. Opponents become too easily to be abused and in broken late game (watch level scaling) only way to survive is to keep abusing broken mechanics, making combat repetive and unfun after certain point. Minus five points


-Dodge is OP and broken, forcing player to smash B/O constantly. Roll is useless. Minus three points

-Horse races are awful and unfun. Horse riding mechanics doesn't transform to good racing and player should just ignore races. Minus three points

-You can't get shitfaced and throw-up. Minus one point

-Some questlines are inferior to others and game has paths that it wants you to take. Minus one point

-Spiders. Motherfucking spiders. Motherfucking Australian sized spiders. Minus Thousand points

-Animations are often reused and repetive without being diverse enough. Minus three points

-Playing as Ciri is just playing with nerfed dodge and without items. Minus one point

-After two playthroughs and 400 hours game practically has no content left. Totally unacceptable. Minus one point

-Sex scenes are handled with less intimacy and are only one scene repeated over and over. Lack of strong scenes and variation is striking. Minus ten points

-Roach is like children in the market. Minus three points

-This is my favourite game ever. Plus ten thousand points

I genuinely love this game from bottom of my heart. I understand most of the reasons why many of this negative points exist (player was supposed to freely go between different areas, Skellige is a lot of content, developing is difficult, how the hell you test 70+ gameplay?, you can remove minimap etc…) This is still my favourite game and I more than love the developers. I literally bought all the games again solely because I want to support the developer. This is a combination of fluff/shitpost/lighthearted feedback while still being "serious" I absolutely adore Witcher 1 & 2 respectively. Please give love to CD Projekt RED And their wonderful franchise

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