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Tor Zireael relic weapon location and criteria for PS4 (And probably Xbox One and PC too but I haven’t tested either of these platforms)

TheWitcher4 - Tor Zireael relic weapon location and criteria for PS4 (And probably Xbox One and PC too but I haven't tested either of these platforms)

I'd like to start by saying, you're welcome. No-one has been able to answer this question, not even proper gaming guides on the internet. I've wanted this sword for so long and now I finally have it, I want to share how with you all.

It's fairly common knowledge that the Tor Lara relic sword can be obtained from the cave just north of Rogne which also happens to be the exit of the ruins in which you obtain the Sunstone. Tor Lara can only be found between levels 15 and 25. (although someone in a previous post I made claims that if you're over level 98, it can also be found in Hindarsfjall during a quest where you help 2 warriors, I'm yet to test this claim). Nevertheless, Tor Lara has a reliable and proven spawn.

However, up until today, no-one has been able to reliably determine how to get the Tor Zireael silver relic sword. If I'm being honest, I only found it through pot luck, but after reloading my 12 other save files and going to the location, I was able to confirm it was not a random spawn. 5/12 times it spawned here and the times it did not was because I had already looted that chest or I wasn't a high enough level. Here's how to get it:

Fast travel to Kaer Muire. Rather than going into Lugos' fortress, pull a 180 and head down the hill about 5 steps. On the left of the path is 2 fir trees and once you walk past them you'll see a broken down cart. If you see that, you're on the right path. Follow the off-road trail around, sticking to the exterior wall of Lugos' fortress. You'll get to a little ledge to have to hop up, then keep going around making sure you keep the wall on your left. After a few more steps, you'll reach an opening that you can hop into. Go into it. You'll know if you've gone to far if you see 2 dead warriors on the floor. If you see them, just backtrack a few paces and go into the opening. Inside the opening is a load of junk, rocks and broken wooden stuff. But in-amongst all that stuff is a chest with a dead body next to it. And in that chest…. Is Tor Zireael!


Now here's the important stuff about conditions. In the 12 saves I loaded up, Tor Zireael was only there 5 times but I think this is because of the following reasons:

  • You can't look inside the chest prematurely or else it will hard lock "Tlareg" inside. I'm not 100% sure at what point the sword swaps to being Tor Zireael, but I think it is after level 60 on a regular save and after level 90 on a NG+. I would really appreciate it if people could test this for me, I simply didn't have enough save files at various progress points to work it out accurately.
  • For some reason, on one of my regular saves, "Gynvael Aedd" was in the chest instead of Tor Zireael or Tlareg. I was level 51 on that save file. On all other saves, it was either "Tlareg" or "Tor Zireael" inside the chest.
  • I can't prove this indefinitely because I don't have enough save files to test the theory in depth, but I think the sword will drop 2 levels lower than your current level so if you want it at maximum level, make sure you only go and get it at level 100. If you do that, it is actually the highest damage silver sword in the game (Even higher than maximum stacks Aerondight) and it has infinite durability.

This information is all fairly untested, I didn't have that many save files to test the conditions with. So if any of you have save files that you might not have looted that chest with, please check the chest and comment down below the level of the file, NG or NG+, and which sword appeared in the chest. Then we can decipher what the level conditions are for the sword to appear

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