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‘Uniting’ the games’ and books’ versions of the White Frost

TheWitcher1 - 'Uniting' the games' and books' versions of the White Frost

So, obviously ever since the Witcher 3 came out, people have been confused about the seemingly uncompatible concepts of the 'White Frost', or Ithlinne's prophecy, between the games and the books. In short, in the books it was simply suggested to be a slow cooling of the Continent's world, because a change in the planet's axis and tilt would lead it to cool down in the next ~3000 years and plummet it into an ice age. In the games it was a non-disclosed 'entity' or 'problem' that was directly endangering all the worlds connected by the Conjunction of Spheres, that had to be stopped to prevent all the worlds from facing a devastating end through freezing.

Now, I think we can all agree that this incompatibility was simply the result of the way CDPR (bless their hearts) had to rush the end of the main quest, and Act 3 in general. However, I came up with a fun little theory that might unite the two and bring some 'closure' to the more story-driven fans amongst us (like me):


So, when Ithlinne made her prophecy, she simply foresaw that the World (of the Continent) was going to freeze over at some point in the distant future. Nimue (from the books, she lived in 'the future' and observed the change of climate) connected her observations with this prophecy, marking it as 'the truth'. However, in reality, the White Frost that Ithlinne saw in her visions was the 'destruction of worlds' as described in the Witcher 3. My personal theory attached to the 'thing' Ciri defeated is that either one of the worlds connected through the Conjunction of the Spheres either witnessed a disaster and the 'cold' seeped through the portals into the other connected worlds, or (one of the) the portals 'leaked' the vacuum of space into the worlds, making them freeze. In any case, Ciri destroyed the responsible portal, or all of them. This means that somewhere between the end of the books and the beginning of the games, Ciri and/or Avallac'h discovered this impending doom and vowed to stop it, which they did in The Witcher 3. However, perhaps by Ciri's doing while disconnecting the worlds, or messing with the connection, the axis/tilt of the planet of the Continent got crooked, thus setting in motion the climate change that Nimue witnessed 'in the future', as described in the books.

Maybe I missed something, but this works for me, so hopefully also for some of you 🙂

tldr; Ithlinne foresaw the White Frost as described in the games, and Ciri's attempt to stop it altered the Continent's planet axis thus causing the climate change that would lead to an Ice Age as described in the books (as it is observed 'in the future' by Nimue), connecting both 'versions' of what the White Frost is.

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