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W3EE complex review and guide to avoid frustration

TheWitcher9 - W3EE complex review and guide to avoid frustration

Hey! I recently finished my 3rd playthrough of witcher 3, this time with W3EE mod. (my first playthrough was vanilla, second was slightly modded). Hardest difficulty obviously. Overall I love the mod, but there were quite a few minor inconveniences that took me out of immersion. Most of them can be easily tweaked within the mod so there we go!

Few premises I take for granted. If you disagree with these, you will most likely also disagree with the conclusions/solutions.
1. Books centered fantastic realism
2. Meaningful character growth
this 2 often engage in tug of war, where increasing one often decreases other. That being said I think there are ways to have the best of both worlds

I have sorted my issues/suggestions into categories.
1. Combat balance
2. exploration
3. economy
4. Misc.

  1. I think the rework to general combat is amazing. It feels more responsive, tactical and therefore rewarding. There are a few things that bug me though
    a. Instead of health bar, everything should have "blood bar". A "Hit". Should not be able to kill you. It's the blood loss. You can very easily achieve that by decreasing ALL DAMAGE of all characters (both your and enemies). And increasing DOT damage to maximum. That way bandages become way more viable to even use. It also makes balancing monsters really easy. Tough monsters have lots of blood, and can heal their wounds mid fight. humans and small monsters bleed out in seconds, and will not heal until escape from battle. Also humans and small monsters will basically only make you bleed. Big monsters will also inflict injuries.
    b. What does armor do? It blocks. Increase armor of everything to max, and increase armor decay rate to max. If it works. it protects you. If it breaks. It doesn't. End of story.
    c. Queen should block all damage up until all energy is used. The situation where I die of attack and at the same time have some energy left in my queen shield is ridiculous.
    d. Injuries towards enemies should do more. Apart of head injury (which is basically stun) injuries are barely noticeable in fight. Injured legs should make them stumble randomly, injured arms should almost negate damage.
    e. Make silver sword do poison damage, but only to monsters. Ethereal damage makes silver sword super relevant against wild hunt, when they should be humanoid and vulnerable to steel.
  2. I don't have much issues against exploration. Except of 2 issues: weight management, and running indoors.
    a. Why remove stashes? Why Can't I store alchemy and ancient swords as mementos in Dandelions inn? It doesn't make any sense to me. And why does the horse refuse to have 0.1 above the max weigh, but Geralt simply stops running? Why not make horse able to carry more but just not run? What I did is I increased horse weigh capacity to 9999 And just imagined it as a proxy of moving it to stash. Shitty, but running to shopkeeper after each encounter with bandits does not serve immersion. It's just a burden.
    b. Walking indoors is very immersive and makes for great climate. But after walking for 2h in kaer morhen. Just toggle running indoors

  3. Economy is super broken by mod. 90% of items are sold for either 0 or 1 gold. That's ridiculous. You need to pay 5 g for a bread but sell a sword for 1g. Especially when a merchant is friendly. Not only it makes the game super cumbersome, breaks immersion (I sell 20 merchant swords and get 5 bottles of vodka worth of cash), but also blocks you from a hidden quest (I don't know how you're supposed to get 40k in the mod).
    What I do is I tweak sell prices when I talk to Yoana, Eibhar, Keira and Runewright (after full upgrade). So that I can sell to these people for 80% of item actual price (they still make money off me, but they don't steal from me). I switch it back when Talking to other people (for example for buying food and alcohol).

  4. In my opinion Iris should be THE strongest iron, and Aerondight THE strongest silver sword. I guess it's just an opinion, but it felt really bad to fight wild hunt with generic cat silver sword just because it did more poise damage. I also like the idea of relic swords being stronger that actual witcher sets. Witcher sets are super cool and all, but exploring and doing side quests should be rewarded too!
    I think gwent could do with a small rebalance, but oh well!

Overall extremely fun experience, I liked the ability to tweak a lot of things. I think it was artificially hardened to make it more difficult instead of focusing on immersion. Big thumbs up

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