The Witcher

Went back to the game to explore the DLC, need some tips and general info

TheWitcher7 - Went back to the game to explore the DLC, need some tips and general info

Hi, I'm planning on replaying Witcher 3 again with all the content, on Death March. I'm still very early.

I finished the game way back when it was released but I imagine plenty of things have changed, so I have a few questions.

  1. How's the balance? I remember early game being quite brutal on Death March (but that was probably because I was new to game) but becoming a joke later on. Especially for a Sign build. After I maxed Igni and got some Griffin armor I completely disregarded enemy level since even the ?? level baddies just burned to death.
    I'm the type of player who supports the idea that says I want to make use of absolutely everything in RPGs to help myself, is there still some broken stuff that is basically cheating and hurts my ideology here?
    (I did notice the skill Gourmet…seems either useless, or stupidly broken, which is it?)
  2. There's some New Game+ or something now? Is it good? Is it like Dark Souls 2 where new stuff gets added or just "you have high level, enemies have high level, you only play it to have the coolest looking armor for the whole game"
  3. When should I do the DLCs? I like being immersed in the story and most of the Witcher 3's story kinda gives you the pressure that you have to hurry. Suddenly deciding to fu*k it and do some random stuff kinda breaks it for me in games. I think Blood and Wine is canoniccally set after the events from main game so no problem.

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