The Witcher

What are you most interested in seeing in the upcoming Netflix series?

TheWitcher3 - What are you most interested in seeing in the upcoming Netflix series?

For me it would definitely be the preparations for a fight. The detective work and planing before the fight for a contract. Brewing the potions, doing the research, and setting up the traps.

I really loved

to the first Witcher game and would love to see something like it in the series (preferably, yet too optimistically, one per episode). I really hope they don't portray Gerald (and other witchers) like all-powerful superheroes. Instead I want to see them vulnerable, punished for arrogance and mistakes, improvising in unplanned situations, and when there is time for a plan it would be cool to see it as a Sherlock observation and deduction sequence , but less sociopathic of course. And for the actual fights – another great piece of directing was the other Sherlock Holmes . Of course there should be a lot more blood and gore.

I'm not too sure if the budget would allow it, but if they do such great cinematography and directing as the games and combined with sets, production value and attention to details close to Game of thrones, I feel this can be the next big series, because the potential is enormous imo.

So what would you love to see the most?

PS. Wow, didn't expect so many people to be so butt-hurt and negative about the series. It was like yesterday everybody was going gaga about it, and now people want it to be canceled before they've even seen a second of it? How about some more positivism? A man can dream.


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