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What if the Witcher was an MMORPG?

TheWitcher9 - What if the Witcher was an MMORPG?

Now I've been thinking about this a lot recently and I've come up with some awesome ideas. The Witcher is a huge and fantastic fictional world full of magic and monsters and is unbelievably in depth, with the story and gameplay being off the charts. In short it is…amazing.

So what if it was a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG)?

If it were up to me I'd keep it simple but take inspiration from multiple sources, including other games. So here's my train of thought, written down and shared with you, lucky you, before it makes my head explode.

Overview: This game would take bits and pieces from games like Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars KOTOR and of course the Witcher games. It would be set in a time shortly after the Conjunction Of Spheres, which for all you newbs out there, was essentially the cause of stranding of monsters in the witchers world. Since Witchers would have recently been developed, your player character would be part of the first or second generation of monster hunters. This would fit neatly in the genre of game also, as Witchers were commonly found at this point in time. Your character will be able to be customised and you can choose your starting skills and what you will be called. Much like ESO, you will also choose your faction or in our case, Witcher School. The combat and gameplay system will be much like the Witcher 3 but will be able to be customised, in case you favour the Witcher 2 or 1. You can craft, purchase or find individual pieces of gear.

Let's get a little more in depth for those of you who are now interested..

The World: Set in the world of The Witcher franchise, you will be able to explore all places and continents and islands that are lore within the books and games. Places like Zerrikania, Temeria, Nilfgaard, Skellige, Cintra, Novigrad, etc. Similar to ESO, you can travel to these individual places in the world and partake in questlines different to the vanilla one. All you would have to do to access is travel there. If I could have it my way, every building would be fleshed out and have its own peculiarities, like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The only loading screen you would have is booting up the game as you would travel to your heart's content with your trusty and faithful companion, your horse, much like a Witcher.


Gameplay: The gameplay will be very similar to the Witcher 3. The camera placement, cutscenes and dialogue will be nearly identical. The menu and inventory system will be similar also, as to be familiar with veteran players. Like the Witcher 3 you'll be spending most of your time doing contracts to earn money in order to buy or craft materials and gear to become more powerful. The game will scale with you, meaning monsters and loot you find will be as powerful as you, or only slightly less or slightly more, given a few exceptions. There will be no level requirements in the game as the gameplay will be based off of skill and experience. Speaking of experience, you can only level up your skill trees and sub skills by using them, like ESO. Your sword skills will increase with combat encounters which heightens your damage potential or critical hits. Parry experience experience would increase the window to successfully engage a counter attack, wearing specific armour (heavy, medium, light) and being in combat using that armour will inrease the respective skill trees, etc, etc, I think you get it. The more you practice, the better you get. This therefore requires some thinking ahead as to what Witcher you will be. While everything can be maxed out to become the ultimate Witcher, this requires time. Lots of it. There will be PvP elements but requires both players permission to do so. We can't have someone with the best gear and shit lamping poor beginners can we? While Witchers prefer working alone, you can band up in a group of up to 4 people including yourself. The benefits of having another Witcher by your side would be, obviously, that you have someone watching your back. An extra hit there, a spare parry there and your friend might've just saved your life. You and your friends can camp together in the wilderness, share equipment and supplies. Like I said earlier, your main source of income will be contracts. Coming out of your chosen school, the first thing you'll want to do is contract. However, unlike the Witcher 3, since there are now possibly hundred of players, contracts will refresh daily, weekly etc. Each will be different and hand tailored and offer different payment depending on the job. It can vary from as simple as catching a criminal to hunting down dragons. As you successfully complete your contracts, which you can fail by the way, your fame will increase, giving you access to new dialogue, such as being able to be paid before the job and new quests, such as from richer people. Become famous enough and you can be called to court to do a hefty contract for whoever is ruling. But you can also get fame for the wrong reasons. Like Fallout 3 and New Vegas, you can get good reputation or bad reputation. Both have their advantages and both have their disadvantages. To explain the fame bit a little more, say you've progressed enough to be able to demand full payment before you do the job. Say you walk away without doing your job. You'll lose fame because of that, meaning people will no longer give you payment before a job, less payment overall. Commit and crime and you'll be chased by guards. You can start a brawl in a bar, murder someone in the streets. Like RDR2 Online, you can commit nearly every crime. The severity of the crime will depend on the sort of response. Be a total arsehole, you can get other players hunting you down. WITHOUT PvP permission. Like ESO, the more you play, grow, and earn fame, the more questlines you'll be able to experience.

Storyline: I haven't even necessarily thought of a story line, but essentially, you make your character, complete training which is also skippable, pick up your chosen gear, mount your horse then head out on The Path. Depending on which school you chose will determine which starter area you have, what gear you start with and skills you begin with. You'll make a living off of contracts until you earn enough fame to make real smackeroos. The world will have a rolling season, meaning, every few months, the season will change. From winter, to spring, to summer, to autumn, like the real world. The world will be full of NPCs as well as other players. Otherwise who's giving out contracts or getting eaten by monsters? Not Witchers, they'd go hunting the monsters themselves. It will be a constantly changing and evolving world, every time you log on being a fresh breath of clean air. You will be able to do anything but everything has a consequence.

That's everything I've thought about. I hope you've enjoyed picking through the grey matter splattered on your screen. Feel free to put your own ideas down! I posted this to share my ideas and connect with other people and hear them out. Let me hear what you'd put in or take out from what I said, I want to hear it.

Have a good day Redditor

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