The Witcher

What plot points did you find disappointing? (Spoilers)

TheWitcher2 - What plot points did you find disappointing? (Spoilers)

So, great game, no doubt about that. But because it's such a rich and detailed world and has such fun characters, I found myself at a few points slightly disappointed with the storytelling or how certain plot threads unraveled. These are definitely small gripes and don't take away from the achievement of the game as a whole, but they do seem like a lost opportunity.

  1. The Djikstra-Roche situation — this is probably the biggest one. Djikstra is such a likable character in this game, really fun and interesting and genuinely helpful to Geralt on a few occasions. He's also supposed to be smart. Plotting against Radovid in the name of a true and decent Redania is a really promising plotline. Having it come down to a simplistic choice between him and Roche (and Ves and Thaler), who is also totally your bro, just seems rushed and ill-thought out. It's also really stupid of him to spring the ambush like that, not at all befitting of a superspy and mastermind criminal.
  2. Novigrad crime gangs — Speaking of, the four gangs really don't get equal shine. Djikstra is great, and Whoreson Jr. gets a decent amount of quests. But honestly Jr. is not that interesting of a character, no real moral ambiguity with that guy. Meanwhile it would've been cool to get more stuff on KOB or Cleaver. I love Novigrad as a setting but it always felt like it was missing a little something, and this would've helped.
  3. After the base game — Common complaint, but I don't exactly understand why all the main characters have to disappear after you finish the base game. I don't think any main game elements need to change as a consequence of the endings. Like, maybe have there be less pyres burning nonhumans in Novigrad if Radovid loses, but it'll just be small stuff like that. There's no good reason why you can't bro out with Dandelion or Zoltan at the Chameleon or some such in the post-game. You kind of want someone in-game to acknowledge everything you went through in this adventure, otherwise it feels empty and unreal.
  4. Crones — I kinda wish they didn't turn out to be simple evil cannibal orgy monsters. They seem inspired by the mythological Furies or the Fates, and could have been kind of Chaotic Neutral or True Neutral entities, unforgiving but fair in their own way. Their designs were repulsive, but I kind of like that, and it seemed fitting that they were protectors of a place like Velen. I don't think they had to be strictly villains, in league with Imlerith, and meet their end (mostly) in a single sword fight.
  5. Ciri — She's such a huge part of the story, and I'm sure there's a lot of her in the books, but I feel like she's not fleshed out enough in the game. So much of the game revolves around finding her, and doing anything it takes to save her, and everyone from Eredin to Crach thinks she's the shit. It's not that I dislike her or anything, but I think a few more backstory cutscenes/dreams akin to the Kaer Morhen one that starts the game (with tiny Ciri) would go a long way. It would establish the fatherly bond between her and Geralt more strongly, and it could also show what she means to all the other characters. Like, if we don't really see the relationship between Ciri and Yennefer, and we don't get a sense of how much she means to her, then Yenn just seems like a douche when she fucks with Ermion's mask and destroys the Skelligers' temple in order to find her. She's the crux of the entire story, and it seems like everyone else loves her, so maybe it's just me, but I didn't feel any real emotional connection.

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