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Why do people like to underestimate Leo Bonhart?

TheWitcher7 - Why do people like to underestimate Leo Bonhart?

Most people seem to think that old Leo could have never killed Witchers in a "fair fight"

First of all, we have never seen Bonhart do something else than draw his sword and hack people to death. The man's opus operandi screams "direct confrontation"

Apart from that, no, his greatest feat is not killing some "teenage rebels".

His greatest feat is defeating Ciri, a young woman who defeated six armed soldiers in the arena of Claremont, in one single riposte, when he let her try the sword Zireael. The same men who, when Bonhart met them on the road and threatened them openly, after denying to surrender Ciri to them, did not dare to attack him, because they knew what he was capable of.


So he easily defeated Ciri, around the time she was able to murder four armed men on Samhain's Eve, even when among them there was a man named Jannowitz who is described as an "expert swordsman". A few days after Samhain's Eve, Ciri kills Rience, Silifant and a bunch of other armed men, but when she is confronted by old Leo, she flees because she believes she is not strong enough to defeat him yet.

I believe Leo Bonhart deserves more respect. We have no reason to doubt his ability to take on any witcher who is not named "Geralt of Rivia".


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