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Why does Lady of Lake get so many bad reviews?

TheWitcher2 - Why does Lady of Lake get so many bad reviews?

I don't understand. I've just finished all the books, and I have to say that it is possibly my favourite series ever.

I personally think it is so clever, how he linked in the Arthurian Legend with the chapters of Nimue. And how that all ties in with the first chapter.

I don't know why people try and speculate that Geralt and Yen aren't dead – as if you know the myth of Avalon, it's clear they're only alive through legend/myth, and through that they'll continue to live on. And the fact the Avallach stated that Geralt would have Ciri again briefly, before losing her forever.

It's only final book of a series I've ever read that really evoked some emotion in me. Very nearly had tears in my eyes haha.

I think a lot of people that give it a bad rating don't understand the ending, or forgot the first chapter and what was said. Or maybe they genuinely didn't like it – idk.

Just a random ramble, I don't have any friends that read books or anything – so thought I'd post here haha.


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