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Why Does Triss Stay at Kaer Morhen?

TheWitcher6 - Why Does Triss Stay at Kaer Morhen?

Since I can't use more than one flair, slight spoiler for the third game at the end.

In chapter two of Blood of the Elves, Triss arrives at Kaer Morhen. When she sees the bruises on Ciri, she decides to stay and help the Witchers with Ciri's upbringing. Thing is that her inner monologue sounds like an egotistical stalker.

First off, when she is in bed at night, she thinks about how she enchanted Geralt and started a false relationship with her. She fails to see that what she has with Geralt is not real. She then goes on thinking about how she wants that… How do I say this without getting NSFW? She then thinks about how she misses Geralt's certain parts. She then wonders why they have asked for her help instead of Yen's. She draws the conclusion that Geralt and Yen aren't on good terms. Triss then asks that if Yen and Geralt are truly on bad terms, then why hasn't Geralt joined her yet, which is creepy. Just because he is not fucking Yen doesn't mean he should drive it deep inside you, so much for staying PG. The chapter ends with Geralt and Triss skinning a goat that Geralt has hunted; during that whole scene, Triss keeps thinking about how much she loves being next to Geralt. There is no way she is staying there because of Ciri.

Another thing is that how much she enjoys embarassing the witchers and seeing them ask her to stay with them. When she is in bed at night, every time she thinks that she has figured out the reason for the witchers summoning her, she starts acting almost like a child who's found candy. She gets arousd thinking that she is has figured the witchers out and how she is going to steal their mushrooms.


This woman has some seriously deep seeded issues.

P.S This is somewhat related to the topic at hand, but it's not 100% necessary to read. I can see how people would dislike Yen's overly sarcastic, somewhat cunty personality, and her being extremly demanding, which I personally don't mind. As a matter of fact, I really like it, but at least Yen is not this bad. Yes, she does have some issues as well; I won't deny that, (Spoiler for The Lady of the Lake) but she truly loves Geralt and dies for him. Triss does not love Geralt; she is obsessed with him to the point where she acts like a 14-year-old who thinks she's in love with that fourty-something-year-old pop singer.

The best way to put it is that Yen is the more mature woman who makes plans of her own and asks people to follow them. If the said plans fail, she takes responsibility, e.g the garden of Ferya. If the plans work, well they worked. She also understands that sometimes, the ends do justify the means. Triss is more like a teenager who gets wet by Eskel just touching her hand. In the games she refuses to perofrm necromancy becuase it's not ethical, yet she is completely fine with manipulating Geralt.

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