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Will there ever be another game like Witcher 3?

TheWitcher7 - Will there ever be another game like Witcher 3?

Don't wanna sound elitist or anything (probably will but whatever) but after playing Witcher 3 a while back I havent really found a game that's quite like it. I just feel Witcher 3 was able to nail a balance between stellar graphics, interesting open world, good cutscenes + story and actual gameplay. Most games I've tried playing these days usually nail one or two of these but fail the others.

I won't name-call but I've bought games with amazing graphics and/or interesting story, but I end up literally watching cutscenes for an hour holding down the A button doing nothing, which makes it feel like I'm watching a movie. I know people don't mind that but when I buy a game I kinda want to be playing it for the majority of my time.


And even with phenomenal games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne, their strength lies in the fascinating world and great combat, with a great atmosphere to boot. 10/10 games imo, but Witcher 3 is able to do all this (combat could use a bit of work but honestly it's pretty interesting/nuanced and the skill trees are well-done) AND somehow add in cutscenes and go for this 'movie effect' most games fail at while still being engaging. I think it's due to how the game both presents an interesting story with most quests and lets you actively choose how to direct Geralt in conversation and have his decisions have consequences immediately and down the line.

Idk, I just feel Witcher 3 was an anomaly that hit everything perfectly. Not to mention that when the DLC came out it managed to somehow EXCEED an already amazing story. Fanboy out, thanks for reading.

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