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Okay, to return to the good old first Witcher game, I would like to ask you guys how you would rank the individual chapters of the game. Obviously, there's going to be spoilers. Here is my ranking from the best to the worst including my reasoning (warning, opinions):

  1. Chapter IV – In my opinion the most atmospheric chapter of the whole game. From the beautiful, peaceful coast and the mysterious, small island to the dangerous, unlucky fields and happy, idyllic village+inn. The quests are nice and interesting, the change of pace is very much appreciated, the climax of the racial conflict is very immersive… The new characters introduced are all very well-written (especially the Lady of the Lake). Maybe the only negative I have is that it's a little too short for my taste. Otherwise, well deserved first place.
  2. Chapter I – Another very atmospheric chapter. The village that seems very quiet and isolated from the evils of the world is just as rotten to the core as the monsters fought in this chapter. The contrast between day and night is strong in this chapter. The characters have many layers and the morally gray choice at the end of this chapter is too very personal. Very nice introduction to the game and world + awesome music.
  3. Epilogue – I find the way the game handles your choices throughout the game very interesting. Every choice you have made in the game comes back to you. Either to help or haunt you. You see the whole game pass before your eyes again, get reminded of all the characters – both dead and alive. The end fight is very satisfying and the hints about Jaques' true identity are also very clever.
  4. Prologue – The way the exposition and conflict are introduced always manages to immerse me. We get introduced to the main villain, to the life as a witcher, to recurring characters and to the ambiguous choices scattered throughout the whole game. The atmosphere is very calming after you fend off the attack and it invokes the melancholy present throughout the whole game.
  5. Chapter III – We get introduced to a more joyous part of Vizima. This is one of the most political chapters of the game. Shown are the corrupted leadership of Vizima, the hidden plots of Salamandra and a vigilante werewolf. We also get to meet Triss again. There are a lot of crucial choices to be made in this chapter, so it is veyr impactful on the rest of the game. The thing I hate about this chapter is Queen Kikimore. The worst fight of the whole game for me, no doubt.
  6. Chapter V – We get to meet the chaos ensuing in Old Vizima. Our choices really bite us in the behind in this chapter. We need to take full responsibility for the side we have chosen. The atmosphere is truly ominous, the events are saddening and the Striga situation is another morally grey choice for our Witcher. We finally meet Jaques, get to fight a giant mutant and finally defeat Azar Javed. My complaint is that it seems very monotone to me. I wish there was more to diversify the settings in this chapter.
  7. Chapter II – My least favorite chapter. Full of constant fetch quests, complicated detective work and it generally feels very stretched. The swamps are a bore with their constant fights and Temple Vizima is introduced in a needlessly obscure way. However, even this chapter has its ups. The Golem and Azar/Magister fight are entertaining, we get introduced to the main conflict of the game and we meet some crucial characters like Yeavinn, Siegfried, Vincent, Talar and more. The weakest chapter, yet still enjoyable.

I hope you liked my review of the game's chapters. This also simultaneously serves as a love letter to the game. I still like Witcher 1, even after the years that have passed since its release. What is your guys' opinion? What would you change? What do you agree/disagree with? You can even make your own ranking!

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