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Witcher 2 bosses are poorly designed

TheWitcher5 - Witcher 2 bosses are poorly designed

I'm fighting letho right now on normal and this should be fu*king hard mode. What absolute bullshit this is, this guy has an insane amount of health takes a third of your health away everytime he hits you and he's a witcher but apparently this fu*kers magic signs are more poweful then Geralt's. His aard does decent damage and it launches you back 5 feet. His igni incinerates you for 10 seconds. My aard does the most minimal damage imanigable my aard lets me get 3 heavies in that do slightly more damage and yrden has a 50 50 chance of working on him which i dont even know if its a bug or a feature, and this is normal difficulty. The bosses in the Witcher 2 are just bullshit and this isn't what's normal difficulty. This boss is just unfair because i haven't even listed half of the shit he does. Everybody fu*king raves about these games but this is just trash. It's not even just a slightly ckmplicated boss, I've played hard games I've beat them this shit is just straight up unfair to the player. And I'm not gonna switch to easy either.

Edit: oh i forgot to mention this big thing sometimes in the first second of the fu*king fight he does and aard which does damage and is completely unavoidable and is the kost bullshit thing ever


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