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Witcher 3 has ruined video games for me

TheWitcher3 - Witcher 3 has ruined video games for me

I'm very new to the Witcher franchise, I only just finished playing wild hunt this past January and I was absolutely in awe of it. Easily the greatest video game experience I've ever had. Prior to wild hunt I would say Oblivion was my idea of a perfect game, but that immediately changed after Geralt cut a griffins head off and tied it to his horse.

Anyways, recently a couple games have come out that I had to play, spiderman and red dead redemption 2, both of which have been fantastic games. But, I keep noticing different factors about each game that make me think "witcher 3 did this so much better."


For example, in Spiderman the fighting mechanics are really fun but they completely fell short to witcher 3. After a while every fight felt the same, meanwhile in witcher 3 every fight feels different, challenging, and entertaining.

In red dead, the open world is great but when I'm riding to a mission I feel bored. Neanwhile in witcher 3 I'm enthralled by the landscapes and the encounters you have grab your attention so much better.

So, fu*k you witcher 3 for being so much better than any game I'll ever play. But, at the same time thank you for changing my perception in what a video game can be, I'm glad I made the decision to play it.

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