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Witcher 3 is kind of helping me deal with melancholy/depression somehow…

TheWitcher1 - Witcher 3 is kind of helping me deal with melancholy/depression somehow...

I didn't finish yet and I'm still at the very beginning, so no spoilers please. At the same time, yeah, I will talk about a few things from the first few hours of the game.

I know I will sound weird, like your average middle aged reddit neckbeard (which I probably am). I asked for some game suggestions to stay away from real life for a while, and a lot suggested The Witcher 3. I was in fact interested in it, and now I finally have enough hardware to enjoy it, so here I am .

Maybe it is because I didn't play RPGs for many many years, and things have evolved enough sinced then to impress me, but I'm enjoying it a lot. There is a lot of negativity in me that need to be put outside, but I'm a bit fed up with dark and bleak clichés that sometimes seems to be parody of themselves. In some works, for the sake of avoiding such exagerations or looking for realism, it just doesn't go quite there where I want.

To my surprise (at least for a PC game), I see Witcher 3 seaming quite well darkness, fantasy and realism. Ok, I mean believable characters and settings. Life seems to suck everywhere. Everyone wants to fornicate, solves their problems through violence, misses teeth (even barons!), kids die of fever, nations at war… and yeah, those pesky undeads and giant werewolves 24/7 roaming around our village of six huts. These could be handled by those powered knights in shiny armor who heals mortal wounds after kneeling for one hour and casts fire from their hands, but they are self-interested and won't work for free, just like all of us. Sure, those people can have their moments of redemption and nobility, just don't hold your breath. Even side quests are interesting. Sure, sometimes is just the average "kill that monster pls, thx, here is money", but even then things evolve unexpectedly.

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I'm kind of relieved to have a escapism that things sometimes looks as dark as real life, but with a high fantasy background. High profile man beats wife, who miscarriaged, eventually showing deep regret, even risking his life on a suicidal task to have her back. Ladies in the wood protects people from abuse, as long as you allow them eat children. Kill a cursed fetus, or save her? Well, she might have information, so lets save her. Will you help this blonde witch? She might reward you with sex. Time are tough, so that powerful gets rid of rats for money, now. Meanwhile, a man with superhuman abilities might simply stroll through all of that, not caring at all, as long as you tell them where the girl with white hair is (she is like a daughter to him ya know). Weirdly enough, that is helping me deal with my negativities. Yes, I'm weird and creepy.

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