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Witcher 3 Mods make my main menu freeze whenever i press ESC in game.

TheWitcher11 - Witcher 3 Mods make my main menu freeze whenever i press ESC in game.

So i have been playing through my second play through of TW3 with a lot of mods and I have script merged them and everything and after a few days, I was able to run TW3 perfectly and how I wanted it to play like. I recently bought a new GPU so i decided to see how TW3 would handle with my new GPU and weirdly, the game would not run. After putting together my mods folder, merging the mods, i kept getting a Content0 error and after a week of researching and learning what was wrong I finally was able to fix the issue (something along the lines of removing a line 397 in my MainCreditsMenu) and finally, after a lot of labor, i was able to run the game normally. I booted it up without the crash message and everything seemed to be running normally. I loaded into novigrad like normal and continued on, however everytime i press ESC, it seems to freeze my game. The music still plays and my cursor shows up in which I can move it around but there is no way to get out of it. I have tried pressing ESC and Tab over and over as well as other little things. One post on steam even said to change MaxValue to 40 in a resource folder which worked for a lot of people, however, none of this has worked for me. I am curious if anyone has dealt with modding TW3 and have come into something similar or if anyone is familiar with it? I know my biggest issue previously was the two 1.31 mods and 1.30 mods and GOTY version and i have the unification patch already, however this is just something new. I am able to access the menu in the title screen and edit settings but not while in game (it just freezes my game essentially, however I can still see frame rate and move my cursor)

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