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I know it should be Thronebreaker Thursday, but this question has been eating me for a few months: What would be the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's ending, if it was a book written by Andzrej Sapkowski?

Here are some major questions:

Skellige's Most Wanted. Would Geralt have killed all of the beasts of previous contracts where he could make a choice or not? Would he have kicked out Sarah? Would he have killed the Doppler because that's his duty? Would he have killed the succubus because she killed guards? I feel like Andzrej Sapkowski, as philosophical as he made Geralt, would've made Geralt spare these spare-able creatures. But something tells me that perhaps Geralt would have made an exception of his philosophy of good and evil for them, simply because they're monsters. He didn't kill Nivellen in the Last Wish. Why? Because as a witcher, his duty is to learn of beasts, and when he found out Nivellen was simply cursed, he spared him. But he did kill Vereena. Why? Because Vereena is bruxa, and was born just to kill. Also, her death was needed to lift Nivellen's curse. I believe the words of the priestess that cast it when being raped by Nivellen might've been: "You are beastly inside, and so shall you be outside 'till the day the blood of your love is spilled." Am I making sense?

Whatsoever a Man Soweth. This is a DLC, but it still is part of Geralt's story. My question is simple: Would Geralt of the books have interfered or not with von Everec being killed by O'Dimm? It was very poetic for me that Geralt can convince O'Dimm to play the game because he's accomplished three impossible tasks: Give a dead man the best day of his life, Steal a house (this request made absolutely no sense until we found out what the Borsodis' house is!), and bring a rose that is no longer part of our world. But would Andzrej Sapkowski have approved of that? The thing is not Geralt interfering in it, it's the rewards. You can ask for some things that are technically every adventurers dream… but you can also ask him about Ciri. He, of course, can't tell you about where she is, but he can tell you how to save her! This is very interesting, because everyone who can see the future (the Pellar, the Soothsayer, the Crones, Udalryk's advisor) predicted that Ciri will die. So it would make sense for O'Dimm to be the only one to tell Geralt it can be otherwise… And Andrzej Sapkowski could also have punished von Everec. I mean, that sounds normal for him.


Yennefer or Triss. This is the most simple one: either Yennefer (because they were bound all this time by the Djinn's power and Andzrej Sapkowski shows us that the Djinn might've done something completely unnecessary) or Triss (because, plot twist, only the Djinn's power bound Geralt and Yen together and since Geralt lost his memory he can have a clean sheet with Triss and discover she's the one he should actually love)

Something ends, something begins. I don't think Sapkowski is a man that would make Ciri survive and accomplish her dream of becoming a witcher. I mean c'mon, this is the guy that made Geralt and Yennefer have suicide pact! So would he have made the most emotionally bittersweet ending of Ciri thinking of all the wonderful things Geralt did for her, survives, and sadly becomes the Empress of Nilfgaard, or will she die, because that's likely of Andrzej to write. Also, Geralt dies as well, because after he kills the third Crone, or should I say, fails to get killed by her, he awaits being torn apart by ghouls and drowners as he is holding Ciri's medallion, the last memento of her. This way she would've also died to save all worlds from the White Frost, and it just seems a bit unrealistic for the Chosen One to survive doing the ultimate good.

So, what do you guys think on all of these?

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