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TheWitcher1 - Yen vs Triss

So, i have played the second game and read the wiki on the first game + saw some YT videos to get the story, characters and lore. I really liked Triss in the second game and here on the third game she is very cute and hot. I'm currently at 50 hours and doing the party quest/mission with Triss and only saw Yen at the first inn and then at the palace, so i have yet to find her on the Skellige Isle. Yen mission is level 16 but i'm at 28 (can't stop doing sidequests and just exploring this ridiculously fun and immersive open world). The thing is, i know you have this romance in the game and i like this kind of stuff in games, but i'm gonna have to make a choice. I didn't see any spoilers aside from the name of the quest that you need to choose between one or another. What i wanna know is, the Triss quest where you should choose her, it will happen after this party? It is the continuation of this plan that Triss made? I feel i won't care too much about Yen because i'm only seeing her now, at the third game (altough i know about Geralt's past with her), but i still have time to know her. What i'm trying to ask actually is, can i get to know Yen better before making the decision between her and Triss? Should i go to Skellige right after i finish this party/ball quest of Triss? Thanks in advance.


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