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Your own Director’s Cut: what would you change?

TheWitcher3 - Your own Director's Cut: what would you change?

I'm just really curious to know what everyone would feel like doing differently in TW3, no matter how amazing the game already is. So, if you were having a Witcher fever dream where budget is unlimited and there are no realistic constraints, what would YOU, personally, like to change, add, remove or otherwise mess with in TW3 to make your very own Director's Cut?

I'll get the ball rolling with some thoughts:

> Improving navigation without the mini-map. On my 2nd playthrough, I deactivated the mini-map and the game felt much more immersive (not to mention looked gorgeous with basically no HUD). However as the game is not designed to be played this way, I still had to open the main map all the time to orient myself. Adding a few more landmarks (especially ones visible from a great distance) as well as recording new lines of dialogues for NPCs so they can give you clear directions more often would go a long way towards addressing that. A good example is when you're first looking for Keira and villagers give you very good, natural directions (i.e. follow the stream, turn at the big rock, go past the cart…). I could definitely use more of that!

> Stronger tie-ins with TW2. Generally speaking, I found the series was great at doing choices/consequences within each game, but not so much at doing it across games. It would be great to see your choices from TW2 have a bigger impact on the world of TW3. This would mean including Iorveth in TW3 and having him and Roche respond to you differently (and unlock different quests) depending on who you sided with in TW2. It would also mean seeing a difference (be it in side quests in some cases, or simply logs/NPC chatter in others) depending on what happened to characters such as Saskia, Stennis, Henselt and Anais in your TW2 save.


> Jumping through portals. This one is an absolute minor detail, but I always thought it'd be great if, at the beginning of the game when Yen teleports to Skellige, you could just jump into the portal and end up straight there with her! Extending this further, it would mean that Geralt could be able to jump into portals to go wherever the portal goes at other points in the game (including more mundane things such as let's stay Triss teleporting back home to her crooked house). This would obviously get some unique reactions… and maybe a "Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" achievement 😉

> Extended OST. Don't get me wrong, I love the music in the game but as it's so easy to rack up hundreds of hours of playtime, I do feel it gets a bit repetitive. More variety would be great, as well as having sliders giving you the option to turn off music while exploring (enjoying instead the natural soundscape – wind, waves, birds, etc) while still having it come on during more dramatic cutscenes.

> Extra content in Velen/Novigrad after the main game ending. Seeing more of a difference in Velen/Novigrad after the main game based on whether Radovid still rules, Djikstra has overthrown him or Nilfgaard takes all. This could be part of a DLC and include a few quests.

I'll stop here for now… looking forward to seeing what everyone else might come up with!

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