How Apex Legends is 35 Years After Titanfall 2’s Campaign

titanfall5 - How Apex Legends is 35 Years After Titanfall 2's Campaign

I believe that Apex Legends takes place roughly 35 years after the events of Titanfall 2's Campaign, or the Battle of Typhon. We can prove this using the quite unassuming MRVN Faction Leader, and the Pathfinder character in Apex Legends. If we can link these two characters, we can find out the time difference. I will use this dossier and

video. We'll start with the FH (Finest Hour) MRVN. We know he is searching for his master, either Barker or Jack Cooper, during the TF2 multiplayer, which takes place after the campaign due to bounty boards for the pilot of Jack Cooper, who would of quickly gained prominence after he returned to Harmony. At first he isn't successful, so by the 3rd year of searching, he forms a faction, and recruits some pilots to search for him. We are led to believe that this isn't working either, as he keeps sending pilots out with no luck for a year or two (it's nearly been one now). So, this is the speculation part, but can also serve as a nice link to Apex Legends. We can assume that this MRVN is willing to take drastic measures, seeing he hired actual pilots. We know robot simulacrons can regenerate, so why can't this seemingly sapient MRVN? So, what he does is he finds the folk who regenerate pilots, and gives himself a new body, at the cost of his memory. Well, except one, to search for his master, although it was corrupted into creator after the memory faltered during the memory loss. This gets even better, as Pathfinder is specifically said to be specialize in scouting and surveying. That sounds like that would be useful when searching for someone, right? Now, we get to the description of the video, and it says he has been searching for roughly 30 years after activation. So it can be assumed that this game takes place roughly 35 years after the events of Titanfall 2's campaign. A lot has happened, eh?

TL,DR; The MRVN from MRVN's Finest Hour is Pathfinder, Apex Legends takes 35 years after Titanfall 2's campaign, and I spent far too much time on this.

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