Little titanfall fanfic using dark romanticism, first time writing, let me know iFunny you think

titanfall - Little titanfall fanfic using dark romanticism, first time writing, let me know iFunny you think

Hello. My name is Rachel Cooper, daughter of the legendary “pilot” Jack cooper. He was the only rifleman to ever pilot a titan, and he and his titan “BT-7274” practically saved the world. But he couldn’t do it a second time. The IMC used another fold weapon, able to wipe planets. When they used it this time, I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Unlike my father I had plans to be a pilot, I was on a cruiser traveling through space on our way to go shut down said fold weapon. We were too late. I was about to enter my titan, but the fold weapon fired right as we were entering the drop zone, the ship started shaking rapidly…we were losing altitude, fast. The escape pods were broken, everything was. I held my hands in between my legs and said goodbye to my life, then I heard a familiar voice say “PROTOCOL 3: PROTECT THE PILOT” My scorch titan picked me up and put me inside the cabin, forcing me back into reality. I slammed the “DROP” button on the control panel but nothing happened, I screamed at my titan to get us out of here, he did just that. He activated his thermal shield, melting the clamps that held us in place. We dropped to the planet, I looked up to see the ship in flames, then I heard a loud thud, I quickly engaged my mind into combat mode and scanned around me, readying my titans thermite launcher, I realized what just happened, there was nobody else… Me and my titan were all that was left. I opened the hatch, dropped out of my titan and started sobbing on the ground. All my friends, all the good men on that ship. Dead. Just like that. Was I the only one to have my titan ready? Why didn’t the escape pods work? Why did this have to happen? Why would someone do this? I asked myself these questions over and over, knowing I would get no answers. I sat there on the ground, looking into the camera of my titan for what seemed like hours. A robot, it didn’t know what this was. All it knew was me, that’s all It was programmed to care about. I opened up my titans ration kit, got some “food” and took a bite, it was disgusting, but it was food. For a moment I asked myself if I should hunt native creatures, quickly dropping the idea. I’ve never been here, nobody has. I have no idea what unknown meat would do to me, but I only had about 2 weeks worth of food. My titan would provide shelter, warmth, protection and a “friend” while it couldn’t feel, he could still have minor conversations. Primary focusing on upholding the mission, he constantly set waypoints to the fold weapon, which was on another planet, where the ship crashed. I kept telling him that we can’t do the mission, the only thing that seemed to make him do this is tell him to only focus on protocol 3. 2 weeks passed. Days are extremely boring, I’ve been building a small structure, having my titan move large trees, it will never be as good as the cabin of my titan but it gives me something to do until rescue comes, if it ever will… 1 week later I lose it. I have to eat something real, I get up and my titan follows me, we walk for what seems like hours until I see something, a 4 legged creature with spines on its back. I look to my titan and nod, he rushes it and the creature tries to run, but my titan grabs it and snaps its neck. We bring it back to our camp, but something is there..it looks like a human..it is a human! I tell my titan to stay, and I run out screaming “I knew there was someone else!” But the person turns to me and throws what seems like a spear, it hits me but my armor blocks it, my titan echos “Pilot in Jeopardy” and grabs me, puts me in the cabin, and switch the controls over to me, I grab the person, they scream and struggle, I say through the speaker “who are you” I guess this system used English, because he understood me. He said “I found your hut 2 weeks ago and waited for you to leave, I just wanted some food for my tribe” I replied “so you're not from the interceptor?” He clearly wasn’t, for he was in rags. He said he has a family, and wanted to take me to them, but without my “monster” I guess he had never seen modern civilization, as titans were everywhere back home. I followed him through brush, scared to trek the native land without my titan. He stopped and turned around to me and asked me to take off all my equipment, I took off my thruster pack, my helmet and my suit, leaving only the soft lining of my suit, I knew this was a dumb idea but I didn’t care if I died, I was going crazy and needed to see people. He saw my robotic arms, my original arms were blown off in combat, he looked at me in disgust and said “Back!, back you freak!” I was so confused but then I quickly understood. I followed him and kept asking what was wrong and he turned around and pushed me down and ran off. I followed him silently, back to the village. Small stick houses, nothing advanced at all. No tech, no titans, no guns, nothing. It was so weird to see this, then I realized it was my arms. I wasn’t normal. He saw me as subhuman, they had no idea what I was. I entered the village for everyone else to treat me the same. They all ran away, the braver ones shouting profanity at me, I didn’t understand.. why couldn’t they view me as the woman I was? I was no different, just some battle scars. I was still a person. I started walking out, wishing it would all end, there was no point. Rescue wasn’t coming, people hate me, the only thing that cares about me is that stupid robot, and that’s because he’s forced too.


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