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(ALERT) Do not buy the year 4 pass on pc right now

Rainbow10 - (ALERT) Do not buy the year 4 pass on pc right now

I just bought the year 4 pass for pc because they had it advertised on their in-game store. However, once you click on it, it will redirect you to buying the year 3 pass. Like what goes on in the mind of Ubisoft. Oh let's advertise that the year 4 pass is out but give them a year 3 pass. There chat support is currently unavailable and I have to wait for an email once they get back to my case.

Edit: New Update. Bugisoft NoSupport just told me apparently the year 4 pass is actually the year 3 season 4 pass. Didn't know you could buy a season pass within the year… I'm beginning to question whether they know their own game and the things you can purchase within it.


Edit 2: Ubisoft support just told me that because I purchased the pass from Steam, then I would have to get a refund from Steam, which makes sense. I then asked what would happen if I accidentally spent the R6 credit I got from the Year 3 pass without knowing that I had gotten it from the year 3 pass. I spent the R6 credit right after I purchased the pass and then when I looked into my operators, I noticed I had every operator from year 3 at which point I then realized that I had unknowingly bought the year 3 pass because Ubisoft messed up with the redirect link. Ubisoft support then told me that I might not get the refund and they can't do anything about it and that the best they can do is pass this up to the game team to make sure the redirect link works and that it doesn't happen again. I will most likely not be getting any money back and I just spent $30 on a year 3 pass that will end in a month. Thanks Ubi. Yeah sure Ubi, I'd be more than willing to bend over and get my money taken.

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