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An apology letter to the people I’ve wronged in Casual

Rainbow10 - An apology letter to the people I've wronged in Casual

I realize I can't reach all of you, so to everybody who ever had the displeasure of having me in their Team: I am truly sorry.

First, to the 4 stack that shot me for reinforcing a wall. I'm really sorry for reinforcing said wall. You could've probably just told me to stop reinforcing, or at least pick me back up after you had downed me. But according to one of you "You'll learn better if we let you bleed out.". I feel like his lesson was slightly undermined by the fact that he was then later shot, through said unreinforced wall. Whereafter you decided to kick me. I feel like I would've learned more if somebody had explained why reinforcing there was bad, and then got to apply said knowledge in later rounds.

To the Frost that walked across the entire Map to the spot I was holding with Cav, even after the match had already started, and then shot me in the face. When I inquired what exactly had prompted you to do so, you said "You know why." I do in fact, not know why. I am fairly curious. Especially since you got shot immediately after yourself, raising the question of how valuable that act was in the end. Nonetheless, I am truly sorry for whatever slight motivated you to undertake your pilgrimage.

To Mozzie, it was two separate matches, but I feel like it might have been the same guy. No, I did not shoot any of your Drones. I'm fairly certain I had not actually seen one up to the point where you walked right up to me and killed us both with a grenade. I want to say that our two bodies decomposing, while you said some very loud things in what I assume to be Spanish, did in fact not improve our overall situation. I am also sorry that reverse friendly fire apparently got you in the end, which means you did not get to use any of your Drones over the course of the match.

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To Mute. I am really sorry I broke your "Drone-Die"-no-Jutsu gadget thing. I was trying to shoot Ash in the other room. I freely admit that I hit a lot of other things before finally hitting Ash. But she was dead in the end. I would consider a single gadget an adequate trade for one of the two remaining enemy Operators. You disagreed, and shot me across a hallway, well aimed by the way.

To the two guys that took turns tk'ing me after I had not clutched a 1vs5. I suck. I only killed 2 out of 5, which considering my skill, is already a miracle. I did in fact die to Cav and Doc dropping behind me from the floor above. The "Noob Noob Bad Bad" dance one of you performed both in voice and ingame was very creative. Especially since you spent the entirety of the preparation phase on it. I am also glad that everybody agreed that the overall Defeat was my fault. Even though I spent 66% of the match dead in the spawn room. It was only your brave intervention that prevented me from ruining the match any further.

And finally, Doc / Ash. Your 2:24 minute speech about my skill (or lack thereof), and entirely rational explanation on why it is in fact, me and people like me that RUIN R6 was truly inspiring. It was not until you laid out your myriad encounters with my mother, that I truly reflected within myself, and vowed to become a better person. I am glad to inform you that, even after you were kicked for that Triple Kill in the Peparation-Phase, we did manage to win the match. And I am sure that my team mates would very much agree that this was entirely owed to you, and your intervention. We have, however, opted to not in fact "Uninstall Rainbow and go back to Tetris", as a quick google search revealed Tetris to be of an entirely different genre. I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me.

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