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Bartlett University Rework – My Custom Rework – Completed

Rainbow9 - Bartlett University Rework - My Custom Rework - Completed

Bartlett University Rework

-Overview and Goals-

This is a map that was never balanced around PvP but more so for PvE. This map has a lot of potential however and can make for a viable rework which allows the player-base to essentially get a map they have never played at any sort of competitive level. This is why i reworked the map.

The aims for this rework were –>

  • Improve the flow of the map, especially the right-side of the map extensively
  • Add more entry points onto the map
  • Designed to allow expansive and bunker set-ups for all sites
  • Ensure areas are clearly labelled and allow for simple call-outs
  • I wanted to add a split bomb-site (One on the ground floor, one on the upper floor)

The most important goal here was to allow though was the flow. A map that flows well for both attack and defence allows for altering set-ups and attacking strats, with less linear strats on some maps with a convoluted flow.

-Map Walkthrough-

Map Walkthrough – Bartlett University Rework

-Layout Comparison and Changes-

Ground Floor

Ground Floor – Current Layout – Bartlett University

Ground Floor – Reworked Layout – Bartlett University Rework

What has changed –>

  • General alternations to what each room contains e.g. Locker Room (Rework) is a replacement for Reading Room (Current) for easier call-outs and to help improve the design and balance of that buffer Room. That was also previously a bomb-site which it now isnt.
  • The first challenge was relocating the central hallway from the current position, to its new position in the rework. The old layout meant the surrounding areas has extremely poor flow and design. Moving the stairs to a more normal, central position means the surrounding areas can all be better positioned and balanced.
  • I added a new small room connecting from Kitchen to Master Lounge named 'Plant Room'. This room was needed after relocating the central stairway as it meant hallways also had to move and subsequently the traffic paths for players when defending the Cafe/Music Room bomb location was not to a satisfactory standard. This room allows defenders to push from both sides and creates less attacker-favoured congestion because of a potential choke with the bathroom. Important to note this room also has a 2-wall breachable surface to the outside which is important to hold.
  • The second bomb location is now the Master Lounge and Library. The lounge is nice and open meaning a spread defence will work really well, and it still limits attackers to what long angles they can hold onto the site itself. Reception was made larger to completely cut off any line of sight from the main double door.
  • Other than alterations to what rooms actually are thematically, and easy-to-see changes from the comparisons, there isnt too much changing here.


Upper Floor

Upper Floor – Current Layout – Bartlett University

Upper Floor – Reworked Layout – Bartlett University Rework

What changed –>

  • First big change is the new bomb location. The Games Room now combines with the Library for a new bomb location which is also a split site (which we dont see often). Due to having a staircase within the site, and the immediate ability to drop from the landing into the Master Lounge, it allows for a great time which isnt said much in Siege when it comes to split bomb sites. This does mean Classroom is now a buffer room and now a site location which is important.
  • The Table Tennis balcony was widened to improve the general place space and subsequent manoeuvrability around that area. This is also obviously labelled with something pretty clear and obvious with the Table Tennis table.
  • With the central staircase being moved, this meant the right-side of the map had to be altered layout-wise a little. What i tried to maintain was a fair approach to how each site is balanced. There is full destructibility on this map vertically, easy call-outs, and several ways for attackers to work on each site.
    • Take Piano for example. Copy Room is quick to access from below in Vending, but as this acts as the connector for both sites this allows many ways to then push onto either site. Piano also has a window (there would be repel restrictions though) and 3 doorways while also having a total of 6 soft walls. Office has an outer window, and some soft destruction too.
  • There are also some outer soft walls too, but these do not lead into any of the bomb sites but instead into hallways to allow you to cut off rotates and to create longer lines of sight. These are on the ventilation and maintenance balconies.

-Final Comments-

With all these changes, highlighted for you with a top-down overview and a walkthrough, i hope you can see the potential of this rework and i hope you at least appreciate the time and effort put in to make it visually compatible over some doodling on a screenshot for example.

Please ask ANY questions. Thanks 🙂

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