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Change My Mind: Word filter that bans you is NOT the solution.

Rainbow1 - Change My Mind: Word filter that bans you is NOT the solution.

Dear Ubisoft,
Your automatic ban filter is not working and has serious problems with it.
So let me give small brief down and some points why this system should be removed or just censor out bad words. Rather than banning innocent players.

The current system gives false bans to innocent players.

Current "ban" filter system is already banning people from two sectors.

  1. The first sector is words have a different meaning in different languages,

Ice Cream in Hungarian, black ice in spanish, shortening pakistani

Those are just a few in examples from steam forums, but you can get the idea that current ban system doesn't count in the context and just bans you without warning, which is a SERIOUS problem with the game!

  1. Typos… Oh boy, these are just great. Thanks again for the ban system not counting in the context, just because you accidentally say "Spic" instead of meant "epic". (Link of this reference)If word filter system can't understand the context, it shouldn't be given such a power as banning people.

The current system is not helping with toxic people.

Yeh, It can help when people didn't know about this system and "forgot" about it, but humans are still smart.
This system is already bypassed with several methods, either by adding dots between letters or by replacing a letter with a number or slash.P30PL3 C4N ST1LL R34D TH15

There is no solution this than people reporting those who abuse it.
I am myself being harassed this way, and it still same messages with or without dots!


Giving players a system that doesn't false ban you is the simplest one. But word filtering is still possible by either not sending a message that is harmful or just blur out bad words that don't fit the game. Or just mute voice and chats of players who are har

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Thank you for reading my rant, and let's hope that in future Ubisoft will take actions to make the game back to user-friendly!

We did convince ubi not to remove the aesthetics of the game for Asia release, so we can also do this to help the chat system!

End of the rant

Ps. I haven't been banned by the system since I first time tested it 2 months ago, but rather seeing teammates banned out from the game just due to typo or myself being slurred in the game without autoban system detecting abusers.
I was kind of hoping they would take actions to fix this in the new season, but seems like we still have to keep try convenience Ubisoft that current system is not user-friendly!


Small offtopic suggestion: I am pretty sure everyone agrees that chat module should get a rework. The current system doesn't allow scrolling to old messages, Select&copy messages or paste messages from the clipboard.

Even though copy and paste can be abused for spam, we still should be able to scroll and view longer message chains.

EDIT: Fixed points and typos and reformatted a little.

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