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Every other gun that the Phantom Sight ops could’ve had:

Rainbow1 - Every other gun that the Phantom Sight ops could've had:

So the popular opinion is that the new ops should've gotten actual new weapons. The second-most popular opinion is that if Ubisoft was going to recycle guns, they could've at least picked good ones.


In real life, the FMG9 is designed to be folded into a suitcase-like box and concealed. Having a disguisable gun is pretty redundant when you're underwater, and when you're wearing a net over your head, which is totally inconspicuous in public.

  • latest?cb=20161117200056 - Every other gun that the Phantom Sight ops could've had:MP5SD: Compact and integrally-suppressed, it would perfectly fit Nøkk's stealthy nature. Stat-wise, the MP5SD would be under-average for an Attacker weapon, only being able to out-gun Defenders because of its ACOG. If Ubisoft is really scared of giving Nøkk an ACOG for reasons similar to Ash, not only is she a 2-speed, but her ability doesn't work nearly as well when she sprints.

  • 416-C Carbine: Jæger corps, amirite? While they might not actually use the 416 irl (does Ubisoft even care about that kind of thing anymore?), you can imagine a frogman emerging out of a take, sliding out the buttstock as they raise the barrel. It's an above-average Defender gun, purely because of the fact that it would have average stats for an Attacker rifle – it's even classified as an assault rifle in its description, so technically, she would have an actual AR if they gave it to her.

  • PDW9: Nice and compact, and the drum mag gives it some flair. Ubisoft's theme for this season seems to be "weapons that no one uses because they are completely overshadowed by their alternatives", so the PDW9 would still be perfect for Nøkk. If the drum magazine is too overpowered, Ubisoft can just do the same thing as they did with Gridlock's M249 – grab a gun from an operator, reducing the magazine size while retaining every other stat, and give it to the current op . . . come to think of it, wasn't Gridlock's M249 kind of foreshadowing?

Other than the SIX12 SD's piss-poor performance in-game, I don't have any complaints about it. Sure, it's not a Danish-made gun, but it's compact and has an integral silencer – if it didn't already belong to Lesion, I would completely dig it as an option for Nøkk. If I had to pick an alternative shotgun, I would choose the

  • FO-12: If the silenced Desert Eagle taught us anything, it's that as long as it has a silencer, it will work as a "stealth weapon" for Nøkk. No one has the FO-12 on Attack, for now, so giving it to Nøkk would still provide something fresh to the game.

I'm not talking about Nøkk's handguns.


So the rule for 3-armours is that you either get an ACOG (Rook and Doc), or a really good gadget (Mira and Tachanka), or even both (Maestro, Echo and Kaid). Warden's gadget must be game-breaking if it justifies giving him the ACOG-less MPX – except in order to make actually full use of his anti-smoke vision, you have to be standing still and thus holding angles. His armour-rating, combined with being immune to smokes and flashes, destines Warden to be an anchor. With Valkyrie, you can work around the shittiness of her SMG, by gaining the upper hand through powerful intel and being able to use her speed to outmanoeuvre the enemy, but with Warden, you just have to bank on the fact that your enemies don't know you're Warden, picking them off when they attempt to flashbang you or smoke-plant.

  • MP5: The Secret Service already uses the MP5 in real life – not only is it no-nonsense and gets the job done, but it still does so while fitting Warden's aesthetic. The ACOG shouldn't be that big of a deal considering Warden's role as a three-armour anchor.

  • MP5K: if wardens allergic to acogs then we can do this i guess

  • P90: If the MP5 is too good. The P90's nature as a concealable weapon to hide under your coat fits Warden perfectly – after all, like the MP5, the U.S. Secret Service assigned it to their agents. No one uses it on Rook or Doc because the MP5 already exists, but if it was Warden's only option for an ACOG'd SMG, at minimum, it would be satisfactory.

  • MP7: yadda yadda yadda Secret Service aesthetic, very compact and cool. No ACOG.

  • FMG-9: The FMG-9 was designed with the U.S. Secret Service in mind; you could carry it in broad daylight or underneath a coat, and when the time came for it, you could quickly unfold it and put it the totally-not-a-Glock interior to use. Why they instead decided to give it to Nøkk, we'll never know.

I'm not going to complain about the M590A1, but if I had to nitpick, I'd choose to replace it with the

The P-10C is a nice choice. On the other hand, the SMG-12 is just plain weird. Dokkaebi and Vigil are meant to be surgical and technologically-edged operators, and so seeing them rock a tricked-out, sighted, suppressed and octagonally-barreled machine pistol is actually cool and fitting. Even ignoring the fact that the U.S. Secret Service stopped using UZIs decades ago, the SMG-12 just looks wack on Warden. Maybe I'm just heavily nitpicking, but I'm irked by the fact that if Warden needed a machine pistol that badly, Ubisoft could've just given him the

  • C75 Auto: P-10C or C75 Auto seems to be a much more fair match-up for the C75 than its current relationship with the SMG-12 – the only way they could make C75 a viable pick was by absolutely fucking the SMG-12's recoil. Now, there's a distinct choice: do I pick accuracy (the P-10C's dot sight) or firepower (the C75's full auto)? By picking one of the two, there's a clear tradeoff. Plus, a submachine disguised as a regular handgun just seems Secret Service as fuck.

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