Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege 1

falsely banned for “multiple cheating”

Rainbow10 - falsely banned for "multiple cheating"

The story isn't incredibly long, I'm just baffled. I'm a former player from June 2019- and due to complications no longer had ready access to a PC that could play siege until today. So there's a good year gap from when I started played, and started up again- which is a woohoo amirite? I got a new PC, so there is literally NOTHING installed other than League of Legends, Valorant, Minecraft and ROBLOX. Ez- I'm just trying to catch up on a years' worth of gaming, so I pop open siege again and look to have a good time.

44 minutes into my first game, I'm banned by the whatever eye thing R6 uses- and it says I'm hacking/exploiting. ???? Uhhhh, that's pretty odd considering I have nothing else open other than Discord and Siege. I make a support ticket and cry on the inside- because I had actually bought siege again because I didn't want to go through and find my year old steam account that I no longer used. I got a response today, that essentially tells me to go kick dirt. Awesome!

Now, not only have I not been hacking, and my KD rates are VERIFIABLE shit-teir; I made the decision to buy the game a third time. I set up a new STEAM account- as well as UPlay account and give Siege a test run. The first two times I bought that little 10$ extra add-on for operator selection; but I wasn't willing to cough up the extra just-in case. I'm glad I listened to myself, because not even halfway into the game, I'm once-again banned for "hacking/exploiting"- and apparently it's repeated. How is it repeated, when I just bought the damn thing??? If literally anyone can explain to me what's going on, that'd be appreciated- because at this point I'm ready to tell ubisoft to kick grass and call up my banks to make sure they don't get a damn dime.


>>inb4 the hurrdurrs, I have my email logs from ubisoft showing that not only was I the only one who had access to the account for the past year- it's verifiable I'm the only one that's been logging onto it. Obviously I'm scribbling out the location, but bychance if any mods/admins are lurking PLEASE look into this for me- I just want to play with the boys

>>>inb4 'no alts' rule, idc what you say, I paid my damn money 3x over to be able to play the game- ubisoft can catch these hands before I let them run off with my money like that

ban message || Pro.Soraka

appeal response || Pro.Soraka

email history since I created the account… no past moderation history??/anyone trying to get into the account

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    Alejandro Jones
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    You agreed to the TOS which says you can’t have multiple accounts. Get fucked.

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