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Hot Take: Rainbow 6 Siege is the best shooter ever created

Rainbow3 - Hot Take: Rainbow 6 Siege is the best shooter ever created

This is probably the most unpopular opinion that you can have on this subreddit, but I'm sick of seeing this, and I want to just get it off of my chest. Hopefully more people will see it and I will know that I'm not alone.

I love this game. It is 100% the best shooter that has ever been created (in my opinion). The gunplay is very tight, precise, and incredibly accurate. The strategy involved is so complex and requires coordination and teamwork, which is further augmented by the destruction and gadgets. The pro scene is filled with fun matches to watch, and the fact that the game isn't entirely grounded in reality makes the game so much more exciting and interesting.

The gunplay in this game is second to absolutely none. Because everything is hitscan, there is no need for extra calculation or guessing. Bullets always go exactly where you are aimed, and the thing is, hitboxes in this game are incredibly brutal. And I have personally NEVER experienced a problem with hitreg. I have ALWAYS found that I just miss. If I had anything close to it, it was because of my ping or frames or something, never because the game has bad hitreg.

I don't know if anyone who complains about this game's hitreg or whatever else about the gunplay has actually tried out the hitboxes. It's really insane. A great example are Bandit's ear protection. If you shoot those it counts as a miss. You have to actually hit Bandit himself, not his headgear.

I think this is why most people think hitreg is bad, is because they miss because of brutal, almost perfect hitboxes.

A lot of it, I know is due to the fact that people really hate admitting that they're wrong or bad at something. They refuse to admit that they were beaten or that someone is just plain better/smarter/faster/etc. than they are. I think a lot of people accuse people of hacking too. It's all too common with some people I play with. We get absolutely rocked by some people who are just better at the game, and my teammates just say they're all hacking.

The other thing that's very frustrating to me is to see so many people bashing Ubisoft for such a "crappy game". I understand that there are things that they've messed up on and had to fix. I also understand that Ubisoft also has a history of releasing games that are filled with bugs and broken. I get that.

But Ubisoft also has a great history of fixing those mistakes and adjusting their games to accommodate their players. A great example of this was Assassin's Creed III to Assassin's Creed IV. People loved the boat aspect of III and asked for more of it, so they made an entire game that is now considered one of the best if not THE best pirate game of all time.


They've done that with Siege too. A lot of the community complaints such as server stability, nerfs on certain guns that are too strong, and more have all (mostly) been dealt with. Obviously some things have had lots of pushback and they've held firm, but most of the time that I've seen, they listen to the community and do at the VERY least some sort of compromise.

I also completely understand toxicity. I have met many toxic players in this game, especially in casual and unranked. I understand why people say it has a toxic community.

However, I can 100% guarantee you that ANY online community has toxicity in it. You find me any community, and I promise you I can find toxicity in it, I don't care what community it is.

League of Legends, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Heroes of the Storm, PUBG, Smash Brothers, and even Chess. I have played all of these games extensively and in every single one of them there were toxic players.

If you pick up any multiplayer game that has any sort of communication whatsoever with other players of the same game, you will experience toxicity. Period. It doesn't matter who you are or how good or bad you or they are at the game, you will experience it.

And I hate that sooooo many people believe that it's unique to THEIR community. This one is no exception. People claim it's just so toxic and horrible that the game is near unplayable with how badly everyone behaves.

But I see the same things in the League community and in the Overwatch community. They think their teammates are so toxic that it's just unbearable. So yeah, the community is toxic. Well done. You've just described the majority of the human race when push comes to shove.

After all is said and done, I really just want to thank those that are working so hard on this game. I am not a programmer, but I have done programming before, and I do quite a bit of scripting for my work, so I understand how difficult of a job it is to do what you do. You have done an amazing job, and this game is by far the best FPS game ever created. Be proud of what you've accomplished and created, and keep doing what you do best.

Thank you Ubisoft.

TL;DR: This game is the best FPS game ever created in my opinion. The hitreg is NOT broken, the gunplay is tight, the strategy requires coordination and teamwork, the community is toxic, but so is every other one, and on top of everything else, Ubisoft is doing a great job with this game.

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