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I was banned (I didn’t cheat & I have proof)

Rainbow10 - I was banned (I didn't cheat & I have proof)

I woke up on 1st of this month to an email stating that my account had been banned for cheating.
Which would be justified if I actually was a cheater.
Except I'm not.
Here's my proof:

I'm an Australian Siege streamer/youtuber with a decent following, I also used to edit videos for NarcolepticNugget.
I've built my entire career around this game, and waking up finding out that not only can I not play on my account, but I also have a mark on my steam account marking me as a "cheater" which means I'm auto-banned from certain other games (Rust etc.) is heartbreaking

I recieved an email, which I didn't see, at 2am the morning of my ban, telling me that my account had been logged in, in the UK.
The email was confirming that this was me.
It wasn't, I'm from Australia, I live in Australia, I had even played that night, from my apartment in Australia. I also have 2FA on.

s96e6cc9gca51 - I was banned (I didn't cheat & I have proof)

false login email

At 8am that morning I recieved the email saying that I had been "permanently banned for multiple cheating offences" note: I have never been banned for cheating before this.

ban email

The reason it was brought to my attention was because my discord community went BERSERK thinking, like I did, that it was just an unfortunate mistake and was a bit of a meme

discord 1/2

discord 2/2

So I sent an appeal in, explaining that hey, a mistake has been made, and I just want it fixed.

my first appeal

and I recieved this as response:

appeal denied

So at this point I was very upset, so I starting asking around in my community, tweeting at people.
I even sat down with Nugget to ask him his advice and he responded: "you need to get the community behind you, that's really the only way they (ubisoft) might possibly listen to you" and to also buy another account on stream and play on it to PROVE that I'm not cheating.


Nugget DM's

I even emailed the flipping CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot (hail mary) begging him to look into my case for me as I KNEW it was unfair. and I was desperate.

9hk61s7ijca51 - I was banned (I didn't cheat & I have proof)

my email to Yves

and I recieved this:

my final appeal response

at this point I just feel beaten, and honestly, I'd been having a rough couple weeks anyway, and it all got a little emotional on stream where I had a bit of a cry to my community about it.

I've got SOME traction on twitter, with a lot of people who have heard my story retweeting and trying to get Ubisofts attention, but Nugget's biggest piece of advice was to get reddit involved (which I was scared to do because y'all can be RUTHLESS on people that are banned for cheating) but this is the last thing I can do.
I won't give up, and I'm just asking for a bit of help.

You can either retweet my tweet @ ubisoft here:

or just share my story and help me get this noticed by SOMEONE out there that can do something.
I really just need all the help I can get.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, whether you believe me or not, I appreciate the time.
I love this game, I love the community and I hope that this ban get's lifted so I can stay among it.

TL;DR I was banned for cheating when I have NEVER cheated or used any programs that help me with Siege at all, I have appealed and been denied by the CEO of Ubisoft, I need the community's help getting my story seen.

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