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If Siege were to become fully Realistic , here’s exactly what will happen to the gameplay .

Rainbow10 - If Siege were to become fully Realistic , here's exactly what will happen to the gameplay .

Let's say the developers decided to make a realistic mode , no not a hardcore mode where your HUD will disappear and you can't see most things , it's more than that ..

Since I'm on a phone , I can't go through every single aspect but ill try to cover everything

I won't be making TLDRs , they're not suitable in this post because it's hard to describe these things .

First of all let's start with

Weapons :

Defenders will be annihilated easily , since you're fighting with 9mm bullets , 45 ACP and all of these small calibers against .308s , 7.62s and 5.62 calibers .

It's easy to say that the TTK for attackers will be waay higher than defenders .

Unless you're using Vigil , Maestro , Tachanka's LMG , Jager .. basically weapons with rifle calibers .

Finka , Lion , Zofia and Fuze will have a bad time with their guns .

Finka has a 308 assault rifle , which means this thing could demolish targets easily , but the recoil will be serious same thing goes with lion

Zofia and Fuze have Russian weapons that use 7.62 ammo , which means they'll do great damage with good amount of kicks to their weapons .

Shotguns …

Remember the Sniper 90 ? Copy that to every shotgun in the game with even more range and you got yourself a realistic copy .

Most gamers misunderstood shotguns as weapons that can't hit targets on long range , in real life shotguns with barrels like Smoke's one could hit one of the houses on chalet on the hills while you're in the house using a buckshot

The pay off would be , less ammo , less ROF , bad reload times (unless it's a SASG 12 or FO-12) intense firepower at long ranges but waay more recoil .

Laser sights should never reduce spread. Chokes will

ADS will never reduce spread either

Shotguns like Mira's would obviously have less range but still as destructive , same thing goes to Buck's Skeleton Key

M249 … on a 3 speed ..

Capitao would NEVER be able to run as fast as an ash with an LMG in his hands

Shields , Blitz would walk fast than charge through , shields are fu*king heavy to run with at the same time hitting someone with a shield would never be able to Kill them or down them , more like stun them

Due to the amount of force that you need to swing that shield your damage would be almost effective .

Imagine charging all the way through the map til you meet someone and try to swing a ballistic shield at them , your blitz will fall down from exhaustion mid swing .

Pistols ..

Calibers should have certain damage to them , locking 9mms at the same damage same thing goes for 308 weapons as an example , the difference is that a pistol would do less damage , less recoil and what matters here is your aim and the range along with how long the barrel on your weapon is ..

Movement .

Crouching would be slower , leaning would take time , ADSing would be slower as you move around , you can't have a steady hand while moving at that speed while aiming , now that's on a standard scale , Imagine being an ash and you're rushing , your stamina will effect your steady hands and the reticle will go all over the place as you shoot , which encourages you to take it easy and play slow where rushing will get you killed ..

You can never be accurate while vaulting and your body stances would effect recoil , where is you move and shoot the first few shots will be fine but you'll lose stability and move slower and grips should help with the weapon's stability

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How bullets and damage affect your operator .

Let's say you're a defender going against a zofia , She manages to hit you in your right leg and then you got to safety , for the rest if the round you'll never be able to run as fast , move and aim as accurately as before and it'll help you if you crouch and prone to shoot

Shooting your arm would effect the recoil you'll have less control , less stability , and unsteady hands forcing you to crouch more

These effects worsen the more you are shot in these areas

Finka and Doc can can patch up operators by interacting with them and giving them strong painkillers (do not effect the supplies of their abilities but they have 5 PKs each round) to fight these effects your operator will be healed from these effects til shot again , since the matches are not long , the PKs last indefinitely (unless you're shot or damaged)

If you jump from high places on damaged legs , say goodbye cuz you'll be crawling to your teammates the next few moments

Bleeding would be a thing

Your operator would grunt in pain if they're on critical HP if not patched up , Patched up operators will regain normal effects and deny colour loss and other effects when you're in critical HP like hearing loss too .


Getting Stunned by a flash bang would make your operator shout from pain

Flinch , as you're getting shot your operator reacts with a flinch , like seriously you're getting shot no way in hell will you be able to have rock steady hands


Lion would be useless , since the logic of his drone is false unless an operator walks outside or is in direct line of the drone (it would be realistic if Lion has a thermal scanner instead with goggles to see feedback from the drone)

If you get offended by this it's your problem. But finka makes sense , if we're talking about technology there's nothing wrong here , She would be a medic that patches people up to fight damage effects and uses her ability to save an operator from long ranges by administering a pain killer to fight damage effects and give them more control over themselves , but the adrenals control stability instead of recoil to make that specific shit make sense

Mute would never be able to block lion or blitz from using their abilities

Thatcher would be a double edged sword that could hurt both sides

Armour and Weight .

From what I said before 1 speeds will be tanks that survive most shots but they have disadvantages making them more vulnerable to quick shooters

Let's say Fuze is tanking for a push , he'll be able to survive several shots from 9mm weapons , but his legs are not protected his arms are not protected , he can survive headshots

But .. he'll flinch with every shot , be has the slowest ADS time due to weight and stamina he will have less stability , automatically balancing the situation

Where as operators like Mira , they have an SMG that isn't as heavy as an Assault rifle , which means less ADS times more stability , stamina is the same due to weight from armour but this won't matter since you'll be anchoring behind your Windows

This balances both sides and makes tactics viable .

Stamina is a thing , the more your weight is the faster it runs out , it effects your stability , ADS speed and your steady hands , immediately making rushes without stuns and smokes less effective and you have to take everything slowly

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Armour should be different where 3 speeds don't have helmets and have armour graded to withstand small calibers , they can be one shot head shotted , they tank no damage against rifle calibers

2 speeds have armour that tanks a few rifle shots but a couple of headshots

1 speeds can tank several rifle shots , they survive several headshots but are still vulnerable from their limbs .

Every operator doesn't have their limbs covered up which means the more your weight is the more unforgiving damage effects will be

Armour only covers up the chest and head

Things will be different instead of DPS there's Shots to kill where weapons like Glaz's can one shot 3 speeds on the chest but do heavy effects on the limbs but the weapon will have a lot of recoil making it harder to use

Instead of holding down your trigger you're forced to Burst and do one shots with higher calibers , where SMGs can hold their weapons and not fear that much recoil due to the TTK being very low on a healthy operator but are affected due to stability when damaged

You have two reload options Tactical and Normal

Tactical is when your Operator throws the used magazine on the floor and reloads a full new one , it's faster and is advised to use in bad situations

Normal , your operator switches magazines with an another in his vest , it's longer than tactical but you're saving bullets .

You can pick up your dropped mags if not empty , your ammo and magazines are hidden but can be checked if your operator checks his vest

This makes the game more unforgiving to mistakes and forces players to take it slow or they're doomed , sides are balanced and your aim and recoil management always matters , bringing certain operators always matters , makes droning even more useful .

This is how the game would be like if it's in a realistic mode (again not hardcore mode) , I believe it's extremely fun playing with the way I described it if played right (I didn't even go through every aspect too) .

I'll be honest this is how I thought siege would turn out , but sadly it's becoming more and more arcadey , this is not a suggestion just an image of how realism would look like in this game

I just wish this is how it'll be one day , but for now I can dream happily on how extremely fun this would be .

I hope you enjoyed reading this .

If you're looking for a TLDR , what do I tell you , just force yourself to read once there's nothing wrong with it , plus you're missing out on a lot .

Thank you 🙂

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