Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

It really is as simple as “xXxBi*chSlaya420xXx Teamkilled you, Press X to boot”. Halo had it over a decade ago.

Rainbow4 - It really is as simple as "xXxBi*chSlaya420xXx Teamkilled you, Press X to boot". Halo had it over a decade ago.

Just make people watch the killcam first before being able to iniate the kick. Yes it will suck when it was clearly an accident and you get kicked, but it's surely superior to right now where they can search in a squad and TK with impunity.

Furthermore, we could add the following:

  • Serial TKrs (as in people who are kicked repeatedly for TKing, like 5 times a week, thrice in 24 hours or twice in 1 hour) can be banned for incrementally increasing times.

  • Starts at 1 hour, then 4 hours and it keeps quadrupling from there. You need to stay unkicked for 2 weeks to reset the multiplier by ONE tick.

  • For a week after a ban ends, that player is on probation and another 2 TK boots within a week will result in the next level of ban

  • The the max TKs per game is made squadwide. Now 2 TKs across anyone in the 2-5 stack of players can geta a whole squad kicked. The last player to be TKd will have the option to boot them, and will be told how many players will be kicked if they do. Players in the same squad will not receive this option.

  • Finally, those with a bad TKing record (three bans within one month) will be marked as such on the scoreboard. They will have a "TKR" beside their username in red. They will lose the right to kick others for TKing them and they can be Vote Kicked in casual by only 2 successful votes. This "blackmark" is removed from an account after 2 weeks worth of time spent in match or 336 hours without triggering another TK ban.

  • players TKing other members of their squad will not trigger any of the above.

Yes, a press x to boot a TKr CAN be abused by trolls who deliberately walk infront of you, but the thing is that if you get booted this way, you will not be penalised unless you encounter another of these trolls within the same hour, 3 in one day or 5 across a whole week. I imagine that will be statistically unlikely, based on my experiance from the Halo days. Just hit search and find a new match.

And of course I'm open to tweaks but this seems like a fairly strong basis to me.

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