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[Just a random thought] What’s the community’s opinion on Lion’s gadget being reversed in it’s detection?

Rainbow10 - [Just a random thought] What's the community's opinion on Lion's gadget being reversed in it's detection?

(note: I am NOT asking ubi to do this. I only want to know what everybody thinks. And no, I don't need free karma. Downvote this to oblivion if you disagree with this idea)

Meaning, what if instead of detecting you when moving, it detected you if you are sitting still?

Then you'd ask "can't you just wiggle wiggle your butt by pressing a-d continuously"? Well, it's not that simple. I knew an echolocator would need more work. You CAN'T BE at the same spot more than once. For the sake of explanation, Assume you break up the map into multiple squares. If you are at square 1 at the start of a scan, now if you stay there you get detected. You need to move to square 2, 3, 4 to stay undetected, but you CANNOT come back to square 3 or 2 or 1. You need to move to square 5. Meaning you can't retrace your steps, meaning you can't go back, meaning you need to be on the move. Quite literally.

No need to stay sprinting. Walking is fine as well, since the otherwise would mean you can't ads and walk, which would be as much broken as is now. You just can't stand still holding an angle.


Scan lasts for 3 seconds, instead of 5. And it doesn't give a body outline, but it gives a "Caveira like marker". Not alibi like, but Cav like. If you stand still or retrace your steps, that is.

The global ability is changed. It still stays global, but area based. As in, scan is still for the entire map, but only friendlies within 10m flat range of lion can see it. Anybody beyond 10m of Lion's vicinity can't see the effect of his scan. Just a random thought.

What do you think? OP? Useless? I feel it favors defenders in clutch situations, but forces them into vulnerable positions, but and doesn't waste 5 seconds of time. (Or 3, I keep forgetting how long his scan lasts).

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Do let me know what you think. Feel free to criticise without hesitation.

Edit: grammatical errors. It's "can't be at the same spot".

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