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Let’s talk about Operation Phantom Sight

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Year 4, Season 2 – Discussion

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Operation Phantom Sight

So by now pretty much everything about the new season for Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Phantom Sight, has been leaked. So why not have a little debate about what have been leaked.

First of I might say that I'm a dane, so my opinions might seem a little personal, but I think my points are valid.

Let's start about looking at what maybe will be the most discussed topic of the season. The operators, their weapons and their abilities.


Warden – Secret Service

Speed: 1

Armor: 3

Ability: Glance Smart Glasses

Primary: M590A1 or MPX

Secondary: P-10C or SMG-12

Gadget: Deployable Shield or Barbed Wire.

Nøkk – Jaeger Corps

Speed: 2

Armor: 2

Ability: Hel Presence Reduction

Primary: FMG-9 or SIX12 SD

Secondary: 5.7 USG or D-50

Gadget: Claymore or Breach Charge


When taking a glance at these leaks, the first thing that really stands out is the re-usage of all the weapons from former CTU's.

When I first saw this, I thought it was a joke, but it slowly became clear for me, it's not. Then I was really disappointed for the lack of new weapons, and then I started to think… Why? Are they just short of creative ideas?

The best conclusion I can think of is the fact that so much is going on with Siege this year. We are getting 3 reworks this year, and with the sneak peaks we got at Six Invitation it was clear, it's not small reworks, some of them are pretty big. Then there is the new Deployable Shield, the Glaz rework and the Capitão rework. Not to mention all the glitches discovered all the time (Clash & IQ). There is so much going on at Ubisoft Montreal.

So if that's the real reason, then fair enough.


I don't think that justifies a lot of slack on the research that has been done.

I mean it's not that bad with Warden. They pretty much keep the compact weapons theme with him thinking about the MPX, but why not the P90? I mean, I think you would see more Secret Service agents with a P90 than a MPX. And why not a P229 instead of P-10C? I'm pretty sure that's the standard sidearm.

But I respect the design choices made about Warden, they have the right idea about it.


When it comes to Nøkk, everything is just flawed. And here I really mean everything.

First of there is maybe the biggest mistake in her design, that I must address. And it's not her weapons. The designers have chosen to design an operator from the Jaeger Corps, and I can't point out how much I love the fact, that they have given us danes an operator in the universe of Rainbow Six. However, they have designed an operator by inspiration of our Frogman corps. And here it's very important to understand that the Jaeger Corps and the Frogman Corps are both Danish CTU's, but they are so different in the way the look and operate.


I guess you americans, maybe even veterans, would understand if I compared this to if the designers made a US Ranger, and designed him of a Navy SEAL.

If a Ubisoft Developer reads this, I higly recommend by behalf of the danish community, that you either redo Nøkk's design or change her CTU to the Frogman Corps.

I remember the day at Six Invitational when we saw the danish flag in "The Hammer and the Scalpel". The danish community exploded in joy, so today this feels like a slaughter of what might be our only danish operator. In fact, I only bought this years season pass because of this operator, and I so much regret it today, and I don't think I'm the only dane feeling this way.

Moving forward and taking a look at her loadout.

Again, it's a total failure and lack of research. I don't think you can find any danish special forces operator who would touch any of the weapons given to Nøkk.

Something way more realistic would be:

Instead of the FMG-9, give her a suppressed MP5 like Echo.Instead of the SIX12 SD, give her a C8 CQBInstead of the 5.7 USG, give her a SIG P210Instead of the D-50, give her a SIG P320

These weapons would fit way more in with the weapons that the danish special forces have in active use.


Warden – Glance Smart Glasses

So, Warden's ability lies within the glasses he wear. Basically when he activates his gadget he gets a better vision trough smokes and flashes, or even nullifies a flash if the gadget is activated after the flash has popped. If he stands still the effect will be greater. Sounds familiar? Yes.

So he's pretty much a combination of Glaz and Ying, just for the defensive site.

Counters to Warden: IQ and Thatcher

Nøkk – Hel Presence Reduction

So, Nøkk's ability lies within an electronic gadget developed by Dokkaebi. Basically when she activates her gadget she will go invisble to obersavtion tools and can barely be heard. Sounds familiar? Yes.

So she's pretty much a combination of Vigil and Caveira, just for the offensive site.

Counters to Nøkk: Valkyrie's, Mozzie's and Echo's oberservation tools will get a glitch from her presence, just like Vigil emits to attacking drones. If stepped on Gu Mines she will also emit a glitch until the mine is pulled out. If she does pretty much anything than walking or crouching around she will emit glitches.

Short personal opinion regarding the season, based on the leaks

When I look back at everything, my personal opinion is that this season, we are getting a hidden Operation Health 2.0 – I know a lot of people have been asking for this, and with me that's completely okay. But at least make it public. For me this season is a HUGE disappointment, and I really hope they will never repeat this, otherwise the developers are gonna loose the support from the community, that I'm pretty sure of.

What are your thought on Operation Phantom Sight? Do you agree? Do you disagree?

Please let me now!

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