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Made a list of the funniest Gadget Operators quips and jabs between the various Operators. Enjoy!

Rainbow6 - Made a list of the funniest Gadget Operators quips and jabs between the various Operators. Enjoy!

Mira on Ash's Gadget

<...> In the meantime one strategy that works pretty well is knowing that Miss KickInTheDoor tends to get caught up in her own hype and rush ahead without enough intel. My examination of the M120 CREM provided some solid insights, plus it was fun. Ash seemed worried that I might mess with it. I don't need to flip switches on her gear to win.

– Dr. Elena "Mira" Alvarez, Director of R&D

Castle's Gadget

<...> Do you know how many times Bandit complained about getting shocked or Maverick sucked on his fingers because the torch ran too hot? <...>

Pulse on Monty's Shield

<...> According to Pulse (Specialist Jack Estrada), it was like the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey had landed. I didn't understand this reference until he linked images from the movie – he's right! <...>

Buck on Glaz's Rifle (Draw me like one of your Canadian girls)

<...> Since I happen to be a marksman in my own right, R&D Director Elena "Mira" Alvarez choose me to test it – under the sharp eye of Glaz. (It's not his staring that unnerves you, it's that he sketches you while he does it…) <...>

The entirety of Blitz's Gadget description

Flash and bash – Kapow! Is all you need to know.

Serious, when Six and Mira (Doctor Harry Pandey and Direct Elena Alvarez) issued a directive to have all the equipment evaluated, I volunteered to put my G52-Tactical Light Shield through rigorous tests… as long as they treated me to lunch. 🙂

The Flash shield has had modifications that improve the flash and make the shield's weight lighter. I speak for all operators when I suggest that lighter is always better. Light makes faster!


So it's all working very well. One last thing! When I opened this file there was already a note: Blitz's G52 Flash and Bash aggressive and yet Elias is the total opposite!. He's the sweetest, funniest person to hang out with.

I have no idea who wrote this, but they are correct. I am the funniest and sweetest.

– Blitz

IQ's Gadget, Pulse's prank

<...> One final note: I noticed Specialist J. Estrada (Pulse) was added to the tech lab schedule. The last time he was in the lab his "prank" modifications to the Spectre were not even mildly amusing. If he's going to hang around the lab and participate in the evaluations I suggest we all keep a close eye on him. He isn't as funny as he thinks he is. <...>

– M. Weiss

Jager's Gadget

<...> My gear and my operator strategy will – as Pulse says – "continue to cause many salty tears" for our opponents. <...>

– Jäger

Blackbeard's Gadget

<...> Pulse*,* Blitz (Specialist Estrada and Kotz) and I had a hoot testing the shield on the tactical training range. With only a half-day we came up with an action list to be addressed (attached). Past modifications to the ballistic shield's composite materials are in the attached specs (I stopped reading at "aluminum oxynitride" and actively felt my spirit leave my body when the phrase "auxetic in certain orientations" caught my eye).

Overall, as long as it continues to be reliable I'm a happy guy!

(Comment_E. Alvarez: Thanks, Craig. One note: You three shouldn't tease the techs so much. They didn't know you were joking with those stunts. Mira.) <...>

– C. Jenson

Lesion and Thermite on Capitao's Gadget

<...> I was curious to study the asphyxiating compound in the chem lab and Jordan was interested in the crossbow's firing mechanism. Jordan found the trajectory accurate with a reasonable falloff distance. But my chemical results aren't as in-depth as l'd like.

(Comment_J. Trace: Not in-depth — dude, it's 20 pages long! ;p) <...>

Nokk's on Caveira

You wanted me to learn from her? Fine, do you have a lifetime to spare?

– Nøkk

Mira and Thermite on Hibana's Gadget

Much to my annoyance, I have to admit that Specialist Jordan "Thermite" Trace did an exemplary job in re-designing her launcher and payload."

(Comment_J. Trace: Told you! ;p)

Echo's Gadget Description

Evaluation Lead: Specialist Masaru "Echo" Enatsu with Specialist Jack "Pulse" Estrada (because he wouldn't leave me alone – say two words, "transmit pulses," and he's all over you like a dirty shirt. Also, explain to me the obsession with learning Japanese?)

(Comment_J. Estrada: Can't a guy just want to be a better guy?)

(Comment_M. Enatsu: If a "guy" wants to be a better guy, he can try being a man.)


(Comment_J. Estrada: Ouch, bro.)

(Comment_E. Alvarez: Can you two comedians please make sure these comments are cleared before Harry sees the file? Mira*.)*

(Comment_Dr. H. Pandey: Too late! Seriously though, nothing to worry about.)

I'm all for working late nights in a state-of-the-art lab but since the cafeteria started including katsudon (!!!!) I think Mira doesn't want me to go home at all.

(Comment_E. Alvarez: 😀 Mira.)

Evaluation of the Yokai went well. Results are attached. I'd like to conduct further tests on electro-acoustic transducer frequencies. Maybe I can coordinate lab time when Pulse isn't* here.*

(Comment_J. Estrada: And I thought we were buds.)

– Echo

Thermite on Mira's Gadget

<...> Honestly, I don't know what she's got against my Brimstone charges. We're both doing the same thing. My version's just more efficient.

(Comment_E. Álvarez: Dream on, Jordan.)

– J. Trace

Dokkaebi's Gadget

<...> I've heard there are some counter-hacks in the works. And that Mute's working on jamming It. Don't get too smug, Mute! Whatever you do, I'll find a way around it!


– Dokk

Maestro's Gadget

<...> "In closing. I do have one complaint. Specialist Martello has continually ignored my requests to use the official name of the device (CLE-V) and instead on calling it "the Evil Eye." That is not its name and I believe he calls it that to irk me."

– Specialist Emmanuelle "Twitch" Pichon, Project Lead Defense R&D

Clash's smile

<...> Specialist Evans asked me to shorten the handle to better fit her right hand. As thanks, she gave me one of those rare Clash smiles.

– Specialist Elena "Mira" Maria Alvarez, Rainbow R&D Director

Nomad's Gadget

Several Operators have grown accustomed to calling Nomad's grenades "Airjabs." Zofia coined that term. Nomad doesn't seem to mind, saying "Ca m'est egal." <...>

Dokkaebi on Mozzie's gadget

<...> When Mozzie's device is successful, it can break the enemy's morale. Okay… it's actually genius, and I could improve its efficiency by widening the detection area and by optimizing his code, but why would I? He tricked others in the past. He won't trick the trickster.

– Specialist Grace "Dokkaebi" Nam

Warden's Gadget

Specialist McKinley has been a nuisance. He keeps asking for different styles for his Smart Glasses, but I work on the lenses themselves. I don't do designer frames. <...>

Amaru's Gadget

<...> Specialist Quispe was grateful for our help and made us juane de chonta as thanks. It was so delicious that I find I'm a little jealous of all her years spent in the jungle.

– Specialist Elena "Mira" Maria Alvarez, Rainbow R&D Director

Goyo's Gadget

<...> Hernández had already added a light flame retardant to the mix, but balked at the idea of carrying an actual fire extinguisher. He did mutter something about an "anti-fire grenade" as we walked way, though.

Sorry in advance.

– Specialist Jordan "Thermite" Trace

Kali's Gadget, Lawyers called on Mira for being too nosey

<...> (Comment_E. Álvarez: I'll run my own tests, to make sure. I'll need her bacteriorhodopsin configuration, too. Mira.)

(Comment_Dr. H. Pandey: Her lawyers called. Please leave this part of the investigation aside for now.) <...>

Echo on Yana's Gadget

Sure, Iana and I worked in the same field, but years apart – she's current-gen, while I'm more like the grandpa of aeronautics at this point. Hey, Mira, is this what it's like to feel old?

(Comment_A Quispe: You'll catch us up one day, pata.)

Ela on Melusi's Gadget


Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered you asked me to look over Melusi's gadget. Next time though, I'm going to need at least a month's notice and for you to keep Mr. "I'm the sound guy" away from my notes. He came in on Day 2 and started going on about how my testing procedure wasn't rigorous enough and how a layman's understanding of the topic only contributes to society's general level of ignorance. Charming. Anyway, I handed him one of the emitters and hit him with a 160 dB burst. He left me alone after that. <...>

And that's about it. I wish you all a Happy New Year! Stay safe people!

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