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My Year 7, 8 and 9 Operators and Reworks (Concept)

Rainbow1 - My Year 7, 8 and 9 Operators and Reworks (Concept)


Operation Naval Deceit – Y7S1

Operation Naval Deceit

Rift is a 2 speed, 2 armour attacker with his Modular Lens Devices. These are devices that can be placed on any destructible surface like floors, reinforced or soft walls etc. When placed, this device punctures a small circular window of bulletproof glass which allows your team to see through and establish visual into areas where you may not be able to normally, like through the other side of a reinforced wall. Due to his past as a sailor, these are reminiscent of a ship's circular windows like this –>

^^ Gadget reminiscent of a ship window ^^

He took inspiration from these and expertly modified it to work on metal, or wooden surfaces, allowing you to look in, but not pass through, which is the key here. As its bulletproof glass, it is transparent meaning enemies can also see you through this, which is the balance factor here.

He'd get 4 of these, which can be used around the map to give his team some nice intel overall. These are also not impacted by any electrical currents, and cannot be jammed. This means that as a defender, these can be really hard to remove and gives free intel to your team. These have a quick deployment time, and allow you to gain intel on areas where you may need a set of eyes but you cannot get drones in for example.

Weaponry and equipment


  • F90 (Gridlock) – Option for a 1.5x scope!
  • CAMRS (Buck) – Option for an Angled or Vertical Grip!


  • Q-929 (Ying/Lesion)


  • Frag Grenades
  • Breach Charges

-New Map: Carrier-

This map is set deep within the Pacific Ocean on a Naval Carrier that was intercepted and overrun by a rogue militia of terrorists, who now have the carrier on lock-down with all the assets of a small fleet within their hands. Team Rainbow have been alerted of the situation and have ensured this is their number one priority, and have sent specialist operatives to defuse the situation in an operation they've dubbed 'Operation Naval Deceit'.

  • This is concentrated to parts of the first and second deck, as a proper carrier consists of many, many rooms sprawled across multiple decks. This is a medium-Large map.
  • Each room is fairly decluttered, and simple in design, with a clear emphasis on easy call-outs through recognisable items and a good colour scheme.
  • Some room names consist of Parts Room, Workshop, Canteen, Bunks etc.
  • This has a varied amount of destruction, and is easy to clear and drone despite its size, which is important.


Operation Closed Cipher – Y7S2

Operation Closed Cipher

Hoax is a 1 speed, 3 armour defender equipped with 2 Volumetric Barricade Displays (VBD). This device is fitted above a doorway or window, which will then create a volumetric display (essentially a hologram) of a barricade over the doorway or window.

This device is fantastic at just denying any line of sight into the room that it is in, which is can be extremely useful and strong. It works on a recharge metre like Vigil for example but does require you to deploy BOTH VBD's before this is possible. Once activated, the device will create the hologram used to block line of sight. Obviously once the charge depletes, the hologram will deactivate until you activate it again. It will have a 10s duration, with the same on the recharge. It can be reactivated after it has over 20% charge like how all other recharge mechanics work.

It has an added benefit of pinging any enemy who contacts the volumetric display with their body (not when shot). This will be one static ping the moment their body hits the barricade. This is just for you to benefit from blocking off lines of sight, and punishing enemies a little for triggering it.

There are some drawbacks though. Firstly, the device can be destroyed and disabled in a few ways. It'll have a small fuse box at the centre of the device which can be shot, as well as destroyed by Twitch/zero's tasers if necessary. Kali can also pop the fuse box, but only by her explosive lance; this doesn't apply to other explosives. Thatcher can disable it with his EMP, and IQ can locate the device and pop the fuse box from below for example. Nokk also doesn't get pinged when coming into contact with the device.

Weaponry and equipment


  • K1A (Vigil) – Option for a 1.5x scope!


  • D-50 (Blackbeard/Nokk/Valkyrie)


  • Barbed Wire
  • BP Camera

-Reworked Map: Border-

Before I mention this, I know we will likely be getting a border rework in Y6S1 but i still wanted to include it as its one I've been sitting on for a while.

Border is a map that has become extremely played-out and stale, and will likely be one of the first maps to be replaced when they add maps back to pro play. Whether you like the map or not, it is fairly linear, unbalanced and boring at pro play for viewers and spectators. This is why i wanted to make changes –>

This ground floor rework is fairly simple and changes were easy to make. Lets run through some of the changes –>

  1. Firstly, Bathroom has been expanded to offer more room to work with. It now connects directly into Tellers, offers more cover BUT has two new access points. One is an outer window, and the other is a window into Workshop. This change makes it properly seem like a bomb site, and offers more retake potential if they plant and take control of the bomb site.
  2. Secondly, the Tellers window has been moved to between the lockers. This is to keep the angles you can get limited, and protects the outer wall better, which requires more work to open such as using Maverick or initiating vertical play.
  3. Thirdly, we move to Customs. The small office is expanded across covering the doorway that was there before. This small office now encompasses that doorway and is a buffer room to the site, allowing you to play Customs a lot more easily. The middle hatch in CCTV, which is above Customs is also removed.
  4. Next is the new staircase which covers part of Passport Check. Its smaller overall to help fit the stairs in, but keeps passport a strong entrance point with the double wall into customs, and a doorway which leads under the new staircase out to Waiting Room. The new staircase leads up to break room near CCTV.

The upper floor was also fairly easy to change, so lets run through them –>

  1. The first change i want to highlight is that the central hatch in CCTV has gone. I forgot the remove it on the image BUT it is gone. The small office hatch is still there of course.
  2. The next change is to break room, to accommodate the new stairway. Its now sectioned off more and works as a separate room, which is important for protection.
  3. Next, i added a small pass through room by Office Wall from the balcony. This allows an easier rotate into Office from East stairs, as the long passage way to office door can be lethal most of the time. This change is simple but effective.
  4. The fourth change is the slight adjustment to cover in Archives. instead of the filing unit going all the way across, it is now more of a horseshoe shape to allow for more rotates, and for the map to play out differently.
  5. Finally, there are some extensions to the outer balconies to allow for safer places to repel to, or to sit on when droning for example. This change is a nice buff to attackers overall.


Operation Silent gaze – Y7S3

Operation Silent Gaze

Hush is a 2 speed, 2 armour attacker with her Hush-Systems. These are puck shaped adhesive devices which will deafen any enemy sitting within its Area of Effect (AoE), meaning they lose all audio from their person, heavily hindering the information that player will gain.

These devices have a 6m radius, and the AoE passes through surfaces (like normal) meaning these can be placed beneath or above the objective, or common anchor points, to keep it safe and still having a huge impact on anyone sitting within it.

When an enemy enter the AoE, it begins lowering the volume of audio for that player over 3 seconds before they'll be completely deaf. Once they are deafened they will get a low volume wispy sound indicating its the device deafening you. From this, its down to you whether you want to relocate or rely solely on visual cues.

This device DOESN'T mask audio of teammates actions, which is an important distinction. This wont hide the audio of anyone's actions if you aren't within the Hush-System's AoE, meaning teammates unaffected are at no disadvantage compared to before. This device, like previously suggested, doesn't instantly remove your audio either, meaning its actually better against anchors and placing this around or near common anchor spots.

Hush would get 2 of these devices, which can be retrieved and replaced whenever needed meaning you have a lot of flexibility in terms of placement, to help you get a lot of value from this gadget. These devices also have normal interaction mechanics, with Mute jammers also disabling them causing them to spark like cameras do when disabled.

Weapons and Equipment


  • 552 Commando (IQ) – Option for a 2x scope!
  • MK14 EBR (Dokkaebi)


  • SDP 9mm (Gridlock/Mozzie)


  • Breach Charges
  • Claymore

-New Map: Observatory-

This map is set upon a new space research facility at a new Telescope being built in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The new Telescope, one of the largest in the world, and its accompanied research facility is this seasons new map (which is shown in the title screen for the season).

It is a Medium-sized map with 3 floors with obvious design in verticality, many entry points for attackers, with the play-space being fairly large but the map itself more contained in the play-space. There are many cool Easter-eggs available to find, and the map is full of cool aesthetics and a funky layout.


Operation Fallen City – Y7S4

Operation Fallen City

Armadillo is a 3 speed intel defender that protects cameras within the map with her gadget, offering her team stable intel reliance, and insures intel or heavy utility loss for the attackers.

She is equipped with two 'Armadillos' which are protective casings that can be placed over default map-specific cameras to keep them alive and active to help provide more intel overall. The shells are thrown and will attach themselves when near the default cameras, allowing you to get outer cameras with a skilful shot from windows or doorways.

The idea with this operator came from wanting to have a 3 speed operator who specialises in Intel, which we currently don't have. I like having roles padded out with ops at different speed ratings, and weapon choices so that's why this op makes sense. 3 speed should have a less strong gadget overall, but makes up for it in other aspects like speed, weaponry or equipment choices, and as default cams are the most basic info gathering device possible, it made a lot of sense.

The casings, when attached, provide the camera complete bullet resistance, but can be removed using an explosive. Shooting the casing WILL darken it and cloud the camera's vision for 4 seconds though so there is a way that you can use this to mask your movements a little. A taser from Twitch or Zero will also disable the casing itself, again restricting the camera from seeing out. This will be for a long 10 seconds however.

Weaponry and Equipment


  • AUG A3 (Kaid) – Option for a Razor Holographic Scope!
  • FO12 (Ela)


  • PMM (Spetsnaz)


  • Impact Grenades
  • Deployable Shield



Operation Crude Thunder – Y8S1

Operation Crude Thunder

Flux is a 3 speed, 1 armour attacker equipped with his Flux Generator. This is a back-mounted device that can be charged to create an electro-magnetic field from his current position which will disable any gadgets within its Area Of Effect.

This gadget requires a pro-active approach. The size of the area of effect grows depending on how long he remains on his handheld device activating his Flux Generator. The area of effect will grow at a rate of a 1 metre every 1 seconds upon the device, out to a maximum of 10m, requiring you to remain upon your handset for the full duration to reach that 10m threshold. Once deactivating the gadget, all the gadgets within that AoE will reactivate after 3 seconds giving you a short window to punish enemies yourself.

The handset you'll use to keep the Flux Generator active will have a display upon it which lists all the gadgets it is disabling within its AoE, with the icon and name of the gadget with how many of them you are disabling so for example it might show 'ADS x2' or 'Gu Mine x3' for example. It'll list them all so you can see what is disabled for easier and clearer feedback to relay to your teammates.

Any gadget sat within a mute jammers radius will NOT be impacted by Flux's Generator meaning they are somewhat protected. This will likely have minimal application but is always there to leverage IF needs be. This interaction obviously shows that Mute's Jammers are the only electrical devices immune to the impact of Flux's Generator.

This device can be used as many times as you wish, with you being able to just pull the handset out and begin generating the current wherever and whenever you like. This is why I think it would work so well; Proactive, team based gadget that can be very strong but also of low impact on your own.

The aim was to make a Thatcher-alternative that is more engaging and has the potential to be stronger but at a higher risk. I think Flux will be a direct competitor with Thatcher, and I honestly think this will fit Siege PERFECTLY.

Weaponry and Equipment


  • LMG-E (Zofia) – Option for all optics up to 2.5x!
  • M870 (Jager/Bandit)


  • MK1 9mm (Frost/Buck/Iana)


  • Frag Grenades
  • Claymore

-New Map: Oil Rig-

Set upon an oil rig, with a very industrial look and feel. This could be a really cool map with a really cool setting, aesthetic and layout. This would use similar assets to Yacht (without the ice of course) with rooms like Server Room, Drill room, Living Quarters etc.

This would have 3 sets of stairs, and would have 3 floors overall. There will be lots of verticality and some cool features like a few roof drop-downs into the map like on Fortress. This would be set within the sea as well. While this would be a big ordeal with new assets, sound design etc, it could become such a good map that is really cool. What do you think?

-New Feature: Updated Sixth Pick-

Updated Sixth Pick

This would work like normal Sixth Pick, whereby one team member can choose to change their operators, but now the player can select who they'll be switching from and to by selecting the new Sixth Pick Tab after selecting your first operator.

This will grey out, and be be unusable for all other teammates once someone has activated it. This still keeps it limited to 1 player, and one operator swap BUT removes the need for a separate selection stage before a round starts.

From this change, it can allow it to enter all game-modes within Siege as well, with it revealing who each team has once you select the 'Ready' tab above, or by confirming all selections to get to that stage. It would work the same whereby it will show THEM the first operator, but will highlight the swap that is going to occur, on your team's end.

At a pro level, the same UI will occur, just without the need for a need to enter a specific Sixth Pick stage before a round, saving time EVERY round while keeping the sixth pick. It also would feel more fluid for players in-game so I think this is a win-win. This also adds a new fun dynamic to Casual, Unranked and Ranked whereby you can trick and fool your opponents into switching based off what operators are played. Enemies will be expecting one thing and get another.


Operation Blood Moon – Y8S2

Operation Blood Moon

Umbra is a 2 speed, 2 armour defender equipped with 2 Invisi-Pods. These Invisi-Pods use similar technology to Vigil by masking a players position from observation tools such as Drones. These Invisi-Pods work in a different way to Vigil's ERC-7 back-mounted device.

These Invisi-Pods are small placeable gadgets which will begin emitting the same Waveform effect as Vigil but on a consistent basis within its generated Area Of Effect. Any teammate standing within its area of effect will be masked similar to how Vigil is, with the waveform effect occurring to drones indicating the Invisi-Pod is active. The waveform effect will however show on the side of the screen, and will have a slightly different look that Vigil's effect.

The area of effect per Invisi-Pod will be 7m, with the waveform visual cue increasing in size the closer to the Invisi-Pod you get, using this mechanic to help drones locate the rough whereabouts of this gadget. This will stop increasing within 2 metres, forcing you to scan around that general area to locate the device. The Invisi-Pods will also have a light on the front to improve player feedback.

These can also be located and destroyed just like any other gadget, with IQ being able to spot and locate them. Zero/Twitch being able to zap them. Thatcher can disable them. Bullets and explosives can destroy them etc.

This gadget is simple in design and simple in how it works. The idea was to have more on an anchor-type operator who leverages the ability to stay masked while on site; the most obvious place to find enemies!

Weaponry and Equipment


  • 9mm C1 (Frost) – Option of a 1.5x like Frost does!
  • SG-CQB Shotgun (GIGN)


  • Q-929 (Ying/Lesion)
  • Bearing-9 (SAT) – Reworked!
    • Damage lowered to 21 (from 33)
    • Recoil standardised and lowered close to its original recoil (Much Lower!)
    • Magazine size lowered to 22 (from 26)


  • Nitro Cell
  • Proximity Alarms

-Map Rework: Outback Rework-

Outback Rework – Made in Unreal Engine 4


This link is to a in-depth post about this rework with my comment highlighting all the major changes. Check it out!



–Y8S3 – Operation Dark Zone–

Operation Dark Zone is a concept DLC season of mine, based off the Division Franchise, similar to how Sam Fisher recently entered the game. This will bring a new operator, and will be similar to Sam's addition with a tie-in gadget and a fun loadout. Lets take a look –>

Rogue – Looks and Operator Card In-Game

Rogue is a 1 speed, 3 armour attacker equipped with the well-known Chem Launcher Gadget from the Division 2. This is a launcher that fires a payload over range, exploding on impact and triggering its effect. The Chem Launcher in question here is fitted with the Riot Foam Payload Type, which has many applications and uses.

The Riot Foam payload will release a wide-spread area of sticky riot foam which will slow enemies moving through it significantly such as a 75% debuff on movement speed if caught within the foam, or when attempting to move through it. This is great for blocking off areas of the map for brief periods of time but not impacting the players ability to fight back making it more fair overall. This foam will last for 8s in total, if used to cover a flank. It will remain on the gadget permanently (explained more below) . It also has Capitao's dispersion mechanics so if fired at the top of a doorway, it will drop down effecting the area below.

There is also a secondary use for this Riot Foam, and it is to cover any gadgets within its explosion range rendering them ineffective anymore. This is a fantastic benefit to this gadget, as it allows the player to deal with pesky gadgets, containing their effect until picked up or destroyed. For example, a deployable Shield can be covered from the front with the foam blocking any use of the slits, rendering it ineffective in that department. Or with Melusi's Banshees, whereby you can cover it containing its effects and rendering it unless. And a final example would be Mira's Black Mirror, which would have its vision blocked when covered with the foam, and as the window cannot be picked back up, this is a hard counter.

These two big benefits will give Rogue a real presence in Siege, and make him a very versatile and sought after operator to play. He'd get 4 of these Projectiles giving him plenty of value, and making him a competitive option on attack!

Weaponry + Equipment


  • C8-SFW (Buck) – Option for a vertical grip + 2.5x scope!
  • Alda 5.56 (Maestro) – Option for a 2.5x scope!


  • C75 Auto (Dokkaebi/Kali/Vigil)
  • P-10C (Clash/Warden)


  • Hard-Breach Charge
  • Breach Charges

-Map Rework: Bartlett University-

Bartlett University Rework – Made in Unreal Engine 4

What Changed –>

  • General improvements to map flow, with more focal areas for attackers to pursue, while allowing defenders to rotate in and out when necessary. This was carefully considered, and i am really happy with the final design.
  • Added more overall entrance points for attackers. More ways to enter the building with more doors, windows, outer breachable walls and hatches. An example is the new balcony between the two protruding corners of the map. This holds window access, as well as an outer wall to breach through if needs be.
  • The central staircase has now been relocated slightly to allow for significant improvements to layout, flow and where player traffic travels. It should feel more fluid, and nice for attackers to feel they always have options.
  • There is now a split bomb-site named 'Upper Library + Reading Room' which is now the two rooms connected by the internal staircase within the site, on the left hand side of the images. With having lots of vertical play, and the internal-site staircase, this seems a fair bomb-site overall.

I hope you like this rework, as I had an absolute blast planning, mapping and building the map. It isnt artistically rendered, and no cover is added but its very easy to see the gist of how it's altered, and how it should play. Im hoping you like it.


Operation Shell Shock – Y8S4

Operation Shell Shock


Quake is a 2 speed, 2 armour defender equipped with 2 Trauma Pockets. These are placable devices that go onto Reinforced Walls which when shot, will send a pulse of electricity on the wall it is attached to, destroying any breach devices off that wall.

These work like Mira window canisters whereby they will be placed, and must be shot to activate. This means you must pre-emptively place these upon a wall and someone on-site must actively use these to deny breach for example.

To provide clear feedback, there will be clear indentations on the opposite side of the reinforced wall so that enemies will see that there is a Trauma Pocket placed upon the wall. Also, when shot, there is a small 1.5s delay before pulsing the wall with electricity meaning you will have to be fairly pro-active and must be expecting a breach to happen otherwise it will not destroy the breach in-time. These can be shot by Argus Cams, Shock Drones and bullets of course. Kali lances will also pop the device, so she is a HARD counter for sure.

I wanted to add another breach-denial operator to the game to compete with Bandit and Kaid but someone who requires more input from the player for the most part. While this seems like a hard-counter to hardbreaching, we have to realise that Quake will likely replace either Bandit/Kaid in a line-up over running all three. Plus having Hibana and Ace with multiple breach chances, Maverick being strong and Thermite having people assisting the breach anyway, I feel its fine. They do only have TWO as well, with each one only working on the individual wall it is placed upon.

Weaponry and Equipment


  • P90 (Doc/Rook) – Option for a 1.5x scope!
  • SPAS-15 (Caveira)


  • USP-40 (Jackal/Mira/Oryx)


  • Barbed Wire
  • Bulletproof Camera

-New Map: Research Station-

This would be a loose rework of the Tower map, borrowing a lot of the aesthetics and assets but making a new map based around a Korean Research Station with a modern interior. Some of the bomb sites will be similar but the flow will be different, destruction updated and the map made smaller overall.

I can see this become a fan-favourite due to the colour scheme, and the look of the map. Coastline is a great map due to the clarity you get when playing due to the bright colour scheme, and this would be the same for sure.

There are many things that could be adapted here, but the end product will completely REPLACE Tower in all of the map pools, with Tower effectively being removed. Due to Tower going, and the Research Station coming in, it means there are no concerns over 'Data limits' and gives us a new map to be excited about!



Operation Shangri-La – Y9S1

Operation Shangri-La

Rampart is a 2 speed, 2 armour attacking operator equipped with the ErgoShield. This is a frontal ballistic shield in which offers temporary protection of himself to allow for him to make ground or retreat if necessary.

The ErgoShield is uniform in shape, close to the shape of the standard ballistic shields, but the same width around the head. This shield is also transparent like Clash's CCE Shield. This means it offers rugged, uniform protection of himself when in use, which is obviously what a shield operator wants from his gadget.

Yes, the ErgoShield is his gadget, and works on a depletion metre like Caveira's Silent Step, and will begin recharging when stowed away. This is intentional by design, so that it can offer basic but limited protection which offers many uses for yourself. This has a duration of 8s, with the same for its recharge. This means you can use it often but in limited bursts.

There are some built in balance factors though. Firstly, when the shield is active and in use, you cannot melee or use any primary or secondary options akin to Clash. This is to limit the frustrations from other shield ops like Monty or Blitz, while making you more vulnerable as the shield knock-back effects still apply of course. This means its a more defensive and less aggressive ability. The animation and delay when pulling out or stowing the shield is considerably long like Clash, so that it avoids to many frustrating deaths where you can insta-swap to a primary for example.

Due to it being an Ergonomic Shield (Hence ErgoShield), it doesn't provide you with a speed penalty when using it, so you remain as a 2 speed giving you some nice manoeuvrability and more freedom when the shield is active. However, due to the shield always being on your person, this will be a special case whereby you will always make sound to the values of a 1 speed, which makes sense logically.

Due to this being the gadget, this does mean you have a full loadout to use, which is another bonus of this operator. This gives more desirability to people who may not like Shield operators for example. You get the best of both worlds here, which is cool.

Weaponry And Equipment


  • AUG A2 (IQ) – ACOG compatible!
  • V-308 (Lion) – ACOG compatible!


  • 1911 TACOPS (Maverick)


  • Breach Charges
  • Claymore

– Map Rework: Favela –

Favela is one of the maps in the game with an amazing atmosphere and feel, which is why i cannot wait for it to get reworked down the line at some point. It does have many flaws however with the lack of vertical play, and the sheer amount of soft walls to the outside. The map is also small and long, making rotations hard and attacking easy.

I have created a Favela rework which entails solving the issues of flow, and to make the map slightly bigger but keeping it close quarters and small to keep that feel of the Favela. Due to the limit on pictures for a post (with this being a big post), i will link it here –>


Operation Arctic Gold – Y9S2

Operation Arctic Gold

Volt is a 3 speed, 1 armour defensive operator with a gadget based off something the devs tried internally a while back; A thrown device that deploys electrified Barbed Wire immediately, acting as temporary area denial.

The devices are called ElectroWire Cells. These devices, like previously explained, would immediately deploy electrified Barbed Wire on a position which would last for a short duration before retracting again. These devices would obviously be thrown and would deploy once hitting a flat surface, like the ground.

The Electrowire would deal the same amount of damage and would function exactly the same as it does in game currently, which is important as you don't want the counters to be convoluted and different when its effectively the same premise. Once deployed, they'd last in place for 6 seconds before retracting and effectively rendering itself void.

Visually the gadget would be opened up at the base of the wire, allowing enemies to see its an ElectroWire Cell, and not some Kaid electric barbed wire that's within an ElectroClaws AoE. This wouldn't be too obvious as an element of trickery would be at play to fool the attackers a little.

As for how many they'd get, I'd put them on a cooldown like Lesion traps and Wamai Mag-NETS, with these being available every 20s and can stack….sort of. I'd introduce a cap on the amount of these gadgets can be held in reserve if you don't place them, with this being 3 in total. This means that once one is thrown to reduce you to 2 in reserve, the 20s cooldown begins again. This resolves the issue of stocking up these, not placing any and then throwing all 9 down in the last few seconds making a death trap scenario for attackers.

Their role would be to either delay the push of attackers if they are hunting you down on a roam, or a way to deny intel such as drones entering a doorway for a few seconds, whether this is on site to delay time, or on a roam to help you escape. This isnt the strongest gadget in the game by any means but has its applications and is fitting for a 3 speed in my opinion.



  • Commando-9 (Mozzie) – Option of a razor holographic + New Red Dot scope!
  • ITA12L (Jackal)


  • Keratos .357 (Alibi/Maestro/Wamai)


  • Impact Grenades
  • Nitro Cell

– New Map: Arctic base –

This is a base set up in the Arctic to collect data and to do observations of the surrounding land in search for a hidden treasure; Oil. Oil is abundant in the Arctic and is obviously extremely powerful to own. This is why the base was set up, so they could observe the land and prepare the necessary tools to excavate the oil.

This map will have 2 floors, and will be quite expansive in Size. This map will have plenty of verticality and plenty of destruction. The snow setting offers a really nice locale to fight in also. This gives the devs the option to really create a hyper-competitive map offering what all good maps have; 4 viable sites, plenty of destruction and a respectable amount of entry points.


Operation Apollo's Reign- Y9S3

Operation Apollo's Reign

Fracture is a 2 speed, 2 armour attacker equipped with Hammerhead Shells fitted within the TS-12 Tri-Rotary Shotgun, which is capable of opening up small holes within destructible walls over range.

Gadget –>

TS-12 Shotgun

These Hammerhead Shells, when coming in contact with a destructible surface, will proceed to crack the surrounding area and after a second, that area of the wall will crumble away leaving an opening for you to use in said surface –>

^^ Size of the hole a singular hammerhead shell will produce ^^

The TS-12 allows you to use this over range as well, with it being a projectile. This means you can open lines of sight from a distance, and can do this many times. Fracture will have 15 total shots at his disposal allowing him to be extremely flexible where he uses these. The TS-12 will shoot at 180RPM, making it fairly slow but is comfortable enough to fire multiple shots at a wall with good accuracy.

These rounds will NOT have any effect upon Bulletproof Equipment but has higher calibre destruction so it can 1-shot standard barricades and hatches. These bullets also deal LOW damage to enemies (5 damage per shot), and CANNOT headshot. This is just to incentive players to use this as a gadget, over a third weapon.

Weapons + Equipment


  • PDW-9 (Jackal) – Option for a 2.5x scope!
  • AK-74M (Nomad) – Option for a 2.5x scope + Vertical Grip!


  • GSh-18 (Spetsnaz)
  • .44 mag semi auto (Nomad/Kaid)


  • Frag Grenades
  • Hard-Breach Charge

– Map Rework: Hereford V.3 –

The link below is a post I made a while back which is a Hereford V3 rework. It improves the flow of the map, and sorts out that torrid top floor. Take a look –>


Operation Dense Jungle – Y9S4

Operation Dense Jungle

Shade is a 3 speed, 1 armour defender equipped with 3 Tusk Saws. These are a device which will cut open a hole quietly within soft or reinforced walls…..on defence!

It allows him to roam the map effectively allowing a Tusk Saw to open a rotate quickly and quietly instead of it being obvious with an impact grenade or a shotgun for example. These are thrown and will deploy on contact. These will take roughly 3s to cut through the wall and create a passable hole. The hole size is similar to the recently added Hard-Breach Charge on attack.

This saw can be heard if close (within 5m) but other than that, it will be nearly silent from the enemies point of view. This gadget allows you to roam, and gives you a chance to open up angles you couldn't previously on defence once you have reinforced for example. This means they are excellent for site retakes!

This gadget is simple in design, and simple in use but doesn't render any other operators void. Oryx has a quicker burst of speed to get away, while being able to pass through walls more quickly. He also has a strong loadout with the T-5 and the Bailiff. Shade is quieter, slightly longer to breach but has great re-take value.

Weaponry and Equipment


  • MP5SD (Echo) – Only 1x scopes available!
  • TCSG-12 (Kaid/Goyo) – Option for a 1.5x scope!


  • P229 (SAS)


  • Proximity Alarms
  • Barbed Wire

– New Map: Lumber –

This map is set deep within a jungle, whereby there is a lumber facility chopping down trees for wood. It will have multiple sections with the residents being able to live here. There will be a processing wing whereby it will be more industrialised. You have the living quarters section whereby you'll have the standard rooms like Kitchen, bathroom, Bunks etc. Then you have the military wing on the other side, with an armoury, shooting range (indoors), a garage etc. Its a big multi-functional factory used as a lumber facility.

This will have lots of cool ways to get around having some logs to vault up on to different floors, trunks to walk over to get to the roof etc. The factory itself is 2 floors, and offers the trademark features of any good map such as great destructibility, several stairways, plenty of room to flank/roam etc.


Overall this is 3 years worth of content with 6 total map reworks, and 6 new maps along with 12 new operators added after these 3 years. I've tried to vary up the weaponry, gadgetry and roles as well with the operators. I hope you appreciate and enjoy 🙂

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