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Offering free coaching

Rainbow9 - Offering free coaching

Hey there, i‘m a level 200+ plat (1+k hours) and i‘m offering free coaching to anyone applying. I‘ve played with high elo diamonds, play semi-professional and really enjoy siege. To apply, add me on discord (Julien#2376) , then send me a message with your

  • IGN and platform
  • current rank
  • highest rank (and what season you got it in)
  • playtime
  • preferred role on a team (if you have one)

EDIT: and the best option is to include gameplay footage. if you are on pc, use shadowplay (you need a nvdia gpu) or streamlabs obs. on console there should be some game capture tools built in, i‘m on pc though so i dont have a clue. please do NOT send me your best round. that way i wont be able to help you improve as much. EDIT END


thats it. i cant guarantee an improvement but i‘ll try my best to help you improve. consider this a christmas gift from me to this awesome community. any rank and level welcome, i wont make fun of anyone.

EDIT 2: if anyone could please explain why you're downvoting please do, i'm genuinely confused as to why i'd get downvotes for this ?

EDIT 3: gonna go sleep now, i‘ll accept anyone’s discord requests tomorrow, have a nice night y‘all and remember to turn on wifi !

EDIT 4: due to a lot of applications i‘ll be closing this offer at 1:00 PM CEST, i‘ll however try doing this in 3 month periods 🙂

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