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Rainbow 6 Discussion Series – The Operators: Vigil

Rainbow9 - Rainbow 6 Discussion Series - The Operators: Vigil

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Welcome to r/Rainbow6 Discussion Series: The Operators! This series has been created to facilitate the gameplay, metagame, and strategy discussion that often gets buried or lost in the abundance of others posts.

The goal of this series is to not only give new players a primer on an operator but also for mid-level or competitive players a chance to share the knowledge that they have accrued in their experiences and maybe let people know something that they did not know before.

You can find an archive of past discussions in the subreddit wiki.

About: Vigil

Vigil was released with Operation White Noise, the fourth Operation of Year 2, alongside Dokkaebi, Zofia, and the map Tower. He is part of the South Korean special forces unit 707th Special Mission Battalion.

Talking Points

The community has outlined a couple of things that they want to converse about with every operator, but feel free to branch out should you feel a piece of information warrants its own discussion.

  • The operator’s primary or ideal role in the team.
  • The operator’s gadget and how it will help the team achieve its goals. Please share any tidbits you may know to help expand the discussion.
  • The operator’s loadout, and how best to optimize it. This includes primary weapons, secondary weapons, and secondary gadgets.
  • What maps and game modes does this operator do well on?
  • What maps and game modes does this operator struggle with?
  • What teammates synergize well with this operator?
  • What opposing operators check or counter this operator?
  • What strategies have you adopted while playing this operator? What is something that a new player should know when playing this operator, or what is something you know that would help a veteran player take that next step?
  • What is your overall opinion of this operator? Where would you rank them among the other operators?
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Vigil was nerfed with Operation Grim Sky as the recoil of both of his secondary weapons has increased considerably.

Potential talking points:

  • How did the balance changes affect him?
  • How viable is the operator in Casual/Ranked/competitive play/Pro League?

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