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Rainbow 6 need more niche operators like Castle, and less Lions

Rainbow7 - Rainbow 6 need more niche operators like Castle, and less Lions

Operators like Lion are good. Very good, always good.

Having an operator like Castle, who fills a niche role is actually better character design in my opinion. Operators that are 'one-size-fits-all' designed such as Lion, generally have gadgets or weapons that make them good on every map- in almost every situatin. This defines them as not only being simple but making it so that their game-play is extremely repetitive. These operators such as Ash cause the overall experience of the game to be more uninteresting. Ash is shockingly simple in her operator design, whereas an operator like Thermite has an incredible amount of depth behind him.

Characters like castle require more thought put into them to actually have his gadget turn into an asset for your team. Due to him having pretty bad guns, it forces the player to find different ways of finding success with him, instead of just relying on aim dueling with good guns you have to use map knowledge and game sense. Having a game full of non-niche character roles just turns each game into a meta abuse game, where you see the same five defenders and the same five attackers on every game.

Look at Overwatch. The game simply revolves around whatever this week's meta line up happens to be. So when people dislike what the meta is, they have no choice but either meta abuse themselves- or just quit the game entirely. There is no counterplay, but submission. We can see this game killing cycle starting to occur in Rainbow with Lion. Lion is quiet literally superb on every map. His pros outweigh his cons to a comical degree, why would you not take him? In proleague or other various ESL style tournaments, if Lion is unbanned you would be throwing not to pick him.

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I enjoy having operators in the game that promote cool strats and tactics with gadgets, rather than just a defence line up of three speeds and acogs every match. When your most defining trait is that you have an ACOG'd weapon, your game has a problem. How often does anyone above silver pick Doc for the ability? Oftentimes all the round is, is a series of gunfights where whoever wins the most wins the round. Even in ranked so called "ranked heros" successfully ignore the core mechanics in the game in favour of clicking on heads. If I wanted to play Call of Duty I would play Call of Duty, why play siege in the same way?

I feel it would be good for game health if they did a complete rework on Lion (obviously), but more iportantly added more niche operators for both attack and defence. People could play these characters and figure out cool strats to use- thus causing the opposing team to have to think up ways of countering and getting around the adversity. This is what siege should be for me, none of this global ability bs, none of this swapping defender roles fu*kery.

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