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The mid-season reinforcement changes to Kali are baffling.

Rainbow10 - The mid-season reinforcement changes to Kali are baffling.

For those of you who don't know, ubisoft released the patch notes for the mid season reinforcements. Here's the link

The patches are aimed at improving kalis performance but in reality they will only make her worse and much more inconsistent.

With this in mind, we will remove this rule and turn her sniper into a normal weapon, increasing its base damage in the process.

For starters they will now make her gun behave like every other gun, in the sense that it will do fixed damage and will kill with a body shot if the enemy has sufficiently low health. That sounds great, until they continue and explain it further.

This means that damage will function the same as any other weapon against the armor and health of the target (good news for Rook, as his armor is now useful against her):

1 body shot will kill a 3-speed operator

1 body shot will down a 2-speed operator

1 body shot will damage a 1-speed operator

Essentially what this means is that kali will no longer be able to down rook, doc, tachanka, mira, clash, kaid, and maestro. Furthermore, if the enemy teams decides to bring rook the list will expand making every defender, except for caveira, vigil, alibi, melusi, pulse bandit and ela; survive a sniper shot to the chest.

In practical terms this means that a rook or a doc can spawn peek a kali, tank a sniper shot to the chest, survive it, and then kill her with their primary weapons.


In a nutshell they have made an already inconsistent, and poorly designed operator into an even worse one. The only reason kali is being played is because Thatcher is getting banned 70% of the matches.

They have taken this feedback:

We have noticed that the 1-shot-DBNO mechanic has been mentioned several times in balancing surveys as a frustration for players.

And monkey pawed the living hell out of it. Now kali won't even be able to down 3 speeds, in favor of getting one shot body shots on 3 speeds, of which only 1-2 are picked every round (A roamer and bandit).

In R6S there are barely any angles where you can take advantage of a long range sniper with a high powered zoom. This renders her primary weapon essentially useless, since it can't kill consistently, and whose range can't be fully taken advantage of. Allowing 1 speeds to now tank sniper shots to chest only exacerbates the issue. Her secondary SMG, while good, is really just a band aid for her poor killing potential.

I just can't understand why the developers are afraid of making her sniper more powerful, especially considering that some primaries can kill you instantly with a headshot at any range, and at times completely obliterate you in tenths of a second with bodyshots.

Sincerely a guy that's usually stuck on kali duty.

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