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The only realistic solution to console MnK. You won’t like it, but it’s the absolute only option.

Rainbow4 - The only realistic solution to console MnK. You won't like it, but it's the absolute only option.

Before I start, I already know this will get instantly downvoted because the truth is tough to accept for a lot of people.. but the fact is this post is just that, the truth, not what you want to hear or believe. I hope that the small percentage of open minded people on this sub will at least read and let me explain before hopping on the downvote bandwagon with everyone else.

Firstly, we need to be very clear on a few things

• Ubisoft CAN NOT detect the MnK adapters that people use, therefore it is impossible for them to ban people for MnK.

• Sony and/or Microsoft will NEVER stop or ban people from using the adapters in which Ubi cannot detect. They've shown a lot of times that they simply don't care if they exist or if people use them, they even license some of them.

Ok now that we understand that MnK will 100% never be stopped by either party on the current generation of consoles, we have to accept that the problem will never be 100% solved. That's just fact. Not what you want to hear, but simple fact. So now that we know that it will never be 100% stopped, it's time to look at alternative solutions to at the very least cut down on it and make a best case scenario out of a bad scenario.

The only realistic solution

Add MnK support to consoles, split the playerbase and add incentive for people to use the native MnK support over their adapters.. I know this is where you will all downvote, but hear me out:

So you add MnK support and split MnK players into their own lobby.. I know what you're thinking "people would still use their adapters instead of native support for the advantage".. that's where the incentive for using native support comes in:


• Allow the MnK lobby to have hip-lean just like PC, this alone would get some people to use the native support.

• Give the MnK lobby fully customizable mouse sensitivity and DPI settings just like PC: for those unaware, MnK on console still has to emulate controller sensitivity, so they never truly get a mouse sensitivity/dpi feeling like they would on PC.. with native support they can have that

• Give the MnK lobby fully customizable key-binding settings just like PC.. again for those unaware, their adapters still have to emulate controller buttons.. for example on PC lean right is E and knife is V, meanwhile on console they're both R3, therefore with an adapter they still have to bind them both to the same key because it has to emulate the controller buttons.. with native support they can have fully customizable keybinds leading to alot more comfort.

All of these incentives would get a lot of players to use the native support over their adapters, there would be a portion of them that use native support regardless just because they truly only use MnK for the comfort and on top of that it would completely shut down all the new MnK players coming in.. no one would buy adapters anymore as soon as this is implemented when they can just use native support for free.

Again, I understand there would be the group that still use the adapter for pure advantage, but we've already went over the fact that it will never be stopped 100%, therefore the second best option is to cut back on it as much as possible, and this would do just that.

That's all I got. I understand I'll get downvoted, I accept that.. but I also know that I'm 100% right.

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    Feb 25, 2020 6:00 pm

    Let’s get real the only reason these people went out and bought this device was to get an edge on the console community. If we do allow people to play with M&K without it there will still be a huge group still using their Xim’s to play in the controller lobby’s.

    The only way to really stop M&K’s is for Sony or Microsoft to enforce their own Terms And Service and shut down these third party devices.

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