Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft please, stop breaking my heart.

Rainbow4 - Ubisoft please, stop breaking my heart.

I know, I know. Enough of us have already experienced and shared this:
But once again: It can not be a viable "tactic" in a "COMPETITIVE" shooter to lure your opponent into writing something into the chat and getting him banned for it immediately.
In my case (I'm a native german speaker btw.):
I started a ranked match, thinking of nothing bad.

An opponent wrote "is it a spic match?"
I replied: "spic? what does that mean?"
Now I am banned for 27 Minutes, lost a game, deranked and am tilted. Honestly. I love this game. But what is this? Why do you develop such an awesome game with a (mostly) beautiful community and stomp all this by implementing such useless, unfair und unclear system?

Banning a word does not kill off undesired thoughts. People will get other ways (or permutations of those words) to say the exact same thing – that's how language works.
If you don't want certain words to be used, go ahead and replace them with asterisks or something like that, but the current automated, unforgiving and straight up devious system makes me feel like it would be mistake to invest any more money (Season Pass) into this game.
I want to love it, but you force me to hate it.
It's just breaking my heart.

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