Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Updated operator birthdays, ages and full names table. (Operation Neon Dawn)

Rainbow9 - Updated operator birthdays, ages and full names table. (Operation Neon Dawn)

By birthday:

OperatorFull NameBirthday
RookJulien NizanJanuary 6
VigilChul Kyung HwaJanuary 17
ZofiaZofia BosakJanuary 28
DokkaebiGrace NamFebruary 2
MozzieMax GooseFebruary 15
JackalRyad Ramírez Al-HassarFebruary 29
JägerMarius StreicherMarch 9
BlackbeardCraig JensonMarch 12
ThermiteJordan TraceMarch 14
AceHåvard HauglandMarch 15
WardenCollinn McKinleyMarch 18
BlitzElias KötzApril 2
SledgeSeamus CowdenApril 2
MaestroAdriano MartelloApril 13
MaverickErik ThornApril 20
FrostTina Lin TsangMay 4
AmaruAzucena Rocío QuispeMay 6
YingSiu Mei LinMay 12
KapkanMaxim BasudaMay 14
SmokeJames PorterMay 14
WamaiNgũgĩ Muchoki FurahaJune 1
FinkaLera MelnikovaJune 7
ClashMorowa EvansJune 7
GoyoCésar Ruiz HernándezJune 10
MelusiThandiwe NdlovuJune 16
ThatcherMike BakerJune 22
KaidJalal El FassiJune 26
GlazTimur GlazkovJuly 2
LesionLiu Tze LongJuly 2
OryxSaif Al HadidJuly 3
HibanaYumiko ImagawaJuly 12
ValkyrieMeghan J. CastellanoJuly 21
NomadSanaa El MaktoubJuly 27
IQMonika WeissAugust 1
GridlockTori Tallyo FairousAugust 5
ZeroSamuel Leo FisherAugust 8
AruniApha TawanroongAugust 9
BanditDominic BrunsmeierAugust 12
BuckSebastien CôtéAugust 20
KaliJaimini Kalimohan ShahAugust 21
IanaNienke MeijerAugust 27
LionOlivier FlamentAugust 29
DocGustave KatebSeptember 16
CastleMiles CampbellSeptember 20
MontagneGilles TouréOctober 11
MuteMark R. ChandarOctober 11
PulseJack EstradaOctober 11
FuzeShuhrat KessikbayevOctober 12
TwitchEmmanuelle PichonOctober 12
CaveiraTaina PereiraOctober 15
EchoMasaru EnatsuOctober 31
TachankaAlexsandr SenavievNovember 3
ElaElżbieta BosakNovember 8
CapitãoVicente SouzaNovember 17
MiraElena María ÁlvarezNovember 18
AlibiAria de LucaDecember 15
AshEliza CohenDecember 24

By age:

OperatorFull NameAge
MuteMark R. Chandar25 years
RookJulien Nizan27 years
FinkaLera Melnikova27 years
CaveiraTaina Pereira27 years
TwitchEmmanuelle Pichon28 years
WamaiNgũgĩ Muchoki Furaha28 years
DokkaebiGrace Nam29 years
GlazTimur Glazkov30 years
ValkyrieMeghan J. Castellano31 years
ElaElżbieta Bosak31 years
LionOlivier Flament31 years
GoyoCésar Ruiz Hernández31 years
FrostTina Lin Tsang32 years
MelusiThandiwe Ndlovu32 years
BlackbeardCraig Jenson32 years
PulseJack Estrada32 years
AceHåvard Haugland33 years
YingSiu Mei Lin33 years
AshEliza Cohen33 years
HibanaYumiko Imagawa34 years
VigilChul Kyung Hwa34 years
FuzeShuhrat Kessikbayev34 years
KaliJaimini Kalimohan Shah34 years
ThermiteJordan Trace35 years
SledgeSeamus Cowden35 years
ClashMorowa Evans35 years
MozzieMax Goose35 years
IanaNienke Meijer35 years
SmokeJames Porter36 years
ZofiaZofia Bosak36 years
EchoMasaru Enatsu36 years
CastleMiles Campbell36 years
BuckSebastien Côté36 years
MaverickErik Thorn36 years
GridlockTori Tallyo Fairous36 years
BlitzElias Kötz37 years
AlibiAria de Luca37 years
IQMonika Weiss38 years
KapkanMaxim Basuda38 years
JägerMarius Streicher39 years
MiraElena María Álvarez39 years
DocGustave Kateb39 years
NomadSanaa El Maktoub39 years
AruniApha Tawanroong42 years
BanditDominic Brunsmeier42 years
LesionLiu Tze Long44 years
MaestroAdriano Martello45 years
OryxSaif Al Hadid45 years
MontagneGilles Touré48 years
TachankaAlexsandr Senaviev48 years
WardenCollinn McKinley48 years
AmaruAzucena Rocío Quispe48 years
JackalRyad Ramírez Al-Hassar49 years
CapitãoVicente Souza49 years
ThatcherMike Baker56 years
KaidJalal El Fassi58 years
ZeroSamuel Leo Fisher63 years

Redacted squad:

  • Nøkk > 25 years

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They gave me their blessing to keep it updated. Thought it'd be neat to keep it going, it's a good resource.


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