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Updated Subreddit Rules As We Move Into Year 5

Rainbow9 - Updated Subreddit Rules As We Move Into Year 5

Hello there!

Year 5 of Siege and our 1 million member milestone are quickly approaching! Hopefully, you're just as excited as we are!

Our current rules have been put in place shortly after we reached the 300k subscriber milestone back in February 2018. Since then our size has more than tripled and growth is still accelerating.

While we're super happy that Siege and our subreddit are doing so well, it also presents us mods with new challenges to overcome. Over the past few weeks, we've been internally reviewing our rules and we're taking time now to update them to make sure they're still in line with our vision for the subreddit.

This post will go over the changes that are being implemented right now and some of the updates you can look forward to in the future.

Please leave your questions and comments down below!

Rule Updates

These changes are all about streamlining. We want to make sure that our subreddit is welcoming to everyone, and one part of the equation is having easy to understand rules.

Previously our rules could be intimidating, confusing, and hard to remember just due to the size of some sections. This made it harder to follow them and led to more removals than there perhaps needed to be — a frustrating situation for all parties involved.

With these new simplifications, we cut the word count by nearly a third while still retaining the spirit behind the rules. Our goal with this is to maximize the chances of new users reviewing our rules, leading to an overall healthier subreddit.

I will now dive deeper into each rule and the changes we made or didn't make to them.

Content Must Be Directly Related to Rainbow Six

Nothing much has changed here beyond simplified wording. The rule now reads:

Please do not post content unrelated to Rainbow Six.

– If you submit an image or video, it needs to directly relate to Rainbow Six or its community.

– Look-alike posts or similar are not allowed.

Do not Harass, Insult, Discriminate, or Troll

Do not launch personal attacks or insults targeting an individual or group of people. Our community is not a place to harass other users.

– Age, nationality, race, gender, sexuality, religion, and economic status are all irrelevant here.

– Racism, sexism, homophobia, other forms of hate speech, bigotry, insults, or harassment are not acceptable.

– r/Rainbow6 is not a place for political discussions.

– Do not engage with trolls.

A clarification was added that you shouldn't engage with trolls, please use the reporting functionality instead.

The rule was also moved up to rule #2. This is part of a general reordering as all rules are now loosely ordered by relevance.

Posting Guidelines

This is by far the biggest change in the new rules. First, the old monstrosity of a rule:

Disallowed styles of posting:

– Bug-related posts of any kind (submit to
contribute - Updated Subreddit Rules As We Move Into Year 5

R6Fix instead)

– Aimless ranting or common non-transformative complaint posts

– Reposting from shorter than 6 months ago

– Subreddit-meta posts that are only "Stop posting X posts" posts. They're only adding to the spam.

– Alpha Pack results and complaints about Alpha Pack results ("I keep only getting commons!")

– Feedback or suggestion posts that directly link to non-Siege content (i.e. Title: "They should add this skin to Siege" and linking to a photo of an SDU.)

– Any referenced content or materials must be linked inside a text post

– Non-descriptive titles

– Incorrect use of flairs/tags or failing to flair/tag a post

– Art whose purpose is to be bad

Screenshots of the following are NOT allowed:

– Scoreboards, ranks, levels, experience, Renown, R6 Credits, trophies or any other stats

– Ping

– Comedic/humorous account names (including BattlEye ban messages and other social media platforms)

– Conversations/messages on any platform (Xbox messenger, Discord, in-game text, SAM)

– Reddit submissions or comment sections from any subreddit

– YouTube comments, YouTube video names, Twitch chat

– Twitter, with exception given to R6 News and Esports information/discussion

– Patch notes

– Matchmaking times

– Operator loadout, Operator selection, Operator ban, Operator showcase, and MVP screens

– Loading screens

– Killcams

– Dead characters, ragdolls

– Wall drawings (Maverick, bullet holes, punch holes)

– Minor facial bugs

– Alpha Pack progress (percentage or count)

Screenshots of the following ARE allowed:

– New in-game bundles/cosmetics

– Easter eggs

– Screenshots with the intent of providing useful information (such as a good angle or strategy)

Needless to say, this was a lot. It was necessary to keep the subreddit from being filled with (basically) the same posts over and over again. Today, this rule is still responsible for a big part of all removals.

The list may have worked well at 300k but it just doesn't scale well. Now, we shortened it significantly:

Do not post any of the following:

– Any in-game screenshot, except newsworthy content or screenshots that intend to provide useful information.

– Bug-related content of any kind (submit to R6Fix instead).

– Comments from Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, or similar platforms.

– Conversations or messages on any platform (Xbox messenger, Discord, SAM, etc).

– Screenshot of personal stats of any kind.

– Alpha Pack openings.

– Aimless rants or common non-transformative complaint posts.

– Previously posted content.

– Art whose purpose is to be bad.

– Incorrectly flaired posts or spoilers that aren't marked as such.

From now on, all in-game screenshots apart from newsworthy content (such as new bundles) or screenshots that intend to provide useful information (such as good angles, easter eggs) are banned because, let's be honest here, the old list covered 95% of all posted screenshots anyway. We hope this change will make following the rule much easier as it is faster to read through and easier to remember while still keeping the subreddit clean of those extremely common and non-transformative posts.

That being said, we have a suspicion that straight-up banning all screenshots may be too strict. If you have suggestions for other exceptions, please leave a comment down below to discuss.

Reposting was previously allowed if it wasn't already posted in the past 6 months but your responses to reposts made it clear that we should lift the restriction. Now, reposting content is outright not allowed, whether from two days or two years ago.

Please note that detecting reposts can be difficult for us mods. We're only a few users and no single person sees every post. While we employ some light automation to detect reposts, manual reports through the normal reporting functionality or through mod mail are greatly appreciated.

Previously the rule also disallowed non-descriptive titles. This was selectively enforced when many users were posting about the same topic (eg. game news just dropped) and it allowed us to keep the post with the best title. We dropped this point from the rules because it wasn't enforced across the board.

Suggestion posts that are simply an image of unrelated content are already covered by our first rule, the redundancy here was removed. If you want to post a suggestion and use unrelated content to illustrate your idea, please do so through a text post.

No Image Macros

A clarification about template-style posts was added, it now reads:

Image macros, also commonly referred to as memes, and Siege assets simply overlaid on other media are not allowed.

Image macros include template-style posts, simple image edits like superimposing text or other imagery, as well as applying filters.

– This also includes video macros.

– Custom-made artwork or more extensive video edits are generally allowed.

r/Rainbow6 is Platform Neutral

Nothing changed here:

Anti-platform behavior or platform elitism is wholly unwelcome here. Examples of unwanted comments include:

– "Console aim"

– "PS4 sucks"

– "Only on consoles"

– "Console peasants"

– Console wars in any form

No Accusations of Cheating, Hacking or Exploiting

The updated rule now clearly states that the usage of mouse and keyboard on consoles is considered cheating:


Do not post any accusations of cheating, hacking, exploiting, or toxic behavior identifying suspected players. This includes videos, text, and images of any suspect players unless censored. You will only provide publicity to the individuals for breaking the terms of service, which is not beneficial to the end goal, instead please provide any reports to Ubisoft support.

– Usage of mouse and keyboard on consoles is considered cheating.

– Do not link to, ask for, or otherwise promote cheat providers or exploit tutorials.

– Do not attempt to "name and shame" anyone.

– Esports content is allowed within reason.

This is not much of a change from a moderation standpoint but the rule now accurately reflects our enforcement.

The promotion and usage of MnK will result in significant bans and accusations of MnK usage will be removed. The same goes for other types of hacking, cheating, or exploiting. Please report any players violating Siege's Code of Conduct to Ubisoft support.

We are aware that Ubisoft, Microsoft, and Sony do not ban for MnK usage but to be frank, we don't care about the policies of these companies. Whether or not you agree that the usage is actually cheating, you can most likely agree that any promotion of this is detrimental to the overall community. This is why we have and will enforce the rule as stated above.

A clarification about exposing players for toxic behavior was added as well. Again, report them to Ubisoft support.

Content Should Be Safe-For-Work

Do not post Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content, this includes:

– Sexualizing Operators.

– Pornographic or disturbing imagery.

– Linking to NSFW subreddits.

– Sexual innuendos or puns.

If you are unsure if it is safe for work, it probably is not.

A clarification that explicitly disallows the sexualization of Operators was added.

No Selling, Buying, Trading, or Begging

Nothing changed apart from miscellaneous wording updates:

Do not post about or solicit for the selling, buying, trading of codes, accounts, event tickets, in-game items, game shares, artwork, or similar under any context. Do not ask for direct donations of any kind.

– Giveaways and surveys need moderator approval before posting.

Follow Reddit's Self-Promotion Guidelines

Again, nothing changed:

Reddit is not a place for free self-promotion and those who wish to post their own work should also be strong members of the r/Rainbow6 community. Because of this, the 9:1 rule is enforced: no more than 10% of your posting should link to your own content. Only submissions will count towards your 90% quota, comments will not.

Posting content that could result in direct financial benefit is frowned upon which is why hosting services that provide users with potential financial incentives are restricted. Common examples of restricted sites are YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer.

– Giving yourself credit when posting your own content through watermarks or similar is allowed.

– If you wish to share your own gameplay clips with the community but do not meet the 9:1 guidelines, please use hosting services that cannot be potentially monetized. Imgur and Gyfcat are great options for sharing GIFs while uploading directly to Reddit or Streamable can be great options for videos.

– For more details, please refer to
Reddit's guidelines for self-promotion.

Removed Rule: Follow Reddiquette and Side-Wide Rules

We previously listed the following rule:

Following Reddiquette makes Reddit better for everyone. Site-wide rules are mandatory for moderators to enforce.

No behavior contrary to
reddiquette - Updated Subreddit Rules As We Move Into Year 5

Reddiquette or
content policy - Updated Subreddit Rules As We Move Into Year 5Reddit's site-wide rules, including but not limited to:

– Brigading

– Witch-hunting (including call-to-action style posts)

– Vote manipulation (asking for votes/vote if you agree/posting a Reddit link elsewhere and asking for votes)

– Doxxing

– Flamebaiting

– Clickbaiting

– Spoilers in post's title

Mentioning Reddit's Content Policy was redundant anyway. Everyone that uses Reddit agrees to abide by these rules and moderators are required to enforce them. They prohibit spam, behavior that encourages violence, revealing personal information, vote manipulation, and harassment among other things. Any violations will be reported to Reddit admins and will be met with significant bans.

Reddiquette is a set of guidelines that every Redditor should follow. If you never read through them, we recommend doing so. Anyway, we enforced Reddiquette whenever possible and to be honest, that didn't amount to much. For that reason, we will be dropping the Reddiquette from our rules as well.

Note: as always, these rule changes will not be applied retroactively.

Upcoming Changes

Mandatory Usage of Post Flairs

Soon, all posts will be required to have a flair before they are submitted. In fact, if you don't select a flair for your post you won't be able to submit at all.

This will be enforced through Reddit's Posting Requirements. This feature is already live on old and new Reddit, with iOS and Android to follow shortly.

If you're unsure which flair to select, please refer to our subreddit meta guide for a short explanation.

Mandatory Credit when Posting Creative Works

After we are able to enforce flair on all posts, we will start working on a system that will require you to give credit to the original artist when posting anything flaired as Creative.

We are well aware that reposted art is annoying, even more so if the original artist isn't credited. Sadly, we're currently not in a position where we could manually check all creative posts for credit. If you're an artist, we recommend that you sign your work with your username or similar for the time being.

The system we have in mind will be fully automated and therefore it will require bot work on our part. The developers on our team tend to be busy with life outside of Reddit so we cannot give any ETA on this but it will be coming up at some point.

More details on this when we're ready to launch.

Better Onboarding for New Users

Reddit will (hopefully) soon launch a new feature that lets us mods welcome new users to the subreddit.

If you're a frequent visitor of the subreddit you may have noticed some repetitive questions about user flairs or similar. While we really can't do much about those posts at the moment, the new onboarding feature should help out a lot.

We also hope this will help new members getting situated more quickly in general.

Rainbow Six Quarantine

A new Rainbow Six game, Quarantine, has been announced at E3 last year. While the release date hasn't been revealed yet, we're already planning ahead.

How we want to handle a new game is currently undecided. Whether or not we want to move Quarantine content to a different subreddit is up for internal discussion at this moment.

We will share our decision closer to the Quarantine launch.

Automatic Repost Detection

We hope to implement some kind of automatic repost detection, possibly similar to what u/RepostSleuthBot does, at some point in the future. Again, no ETA on this functionality but it is on our roadmap.

Moderator Applications

Lastly, I want to remind you that applications to join our moderation team are open and will remain open indefinitely. If you're interested in applying, you can do so here:

Should you be interested but are unable to apply right now, you'll be able to find the same link on our sidebar.

TL;DR: Updated rules, please take a few minutes and read through them here.

Any questions or comments on the rule changes, future updates, or mod applications? Feel free to leave them below.

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