Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

We’re launching LFG with the r/Rainbow6 community!

Rainbow7 - We’re launching LFG with the r/Rainbow6 community!

First, a short introduction from your moderators:

We've been recently contacted by Reddit about a potential LFG experiment that they would like to run and asked if we were interested in participating. We agreed since this could be a good opportunity to add more value to the subreddit. Today, we're announcing a collaboration with Mayhem as part of that experiment.

The goal here is to find out if there's an interest in a looking-for-group experience on this subreddit and to see if a solution like Mayhem's works well for this purpose.

Both moderators and Mayhem staff will hang out in the comments to answer questions, clear up confusion, or to receive feedback! For now, we'll hand it over to Juice from Mayhem to explain how all of this works.

jeypiti - We’re launching LFG with the r/Rainbow6 community!



Hi r/Rainbow6!

We are Mayhem, and we’ve collaborated with the Reddit and r/Rainbow6 mod teams to bring you the best way to find friends and teammates directly from this subreddit.


What is Mayhem LFG?

Mayhem LFG (Looking-For-Group) is the easiest way to find new friends and teammates within the r/Rainbow6 community. We built this feature in partnership with the mod team to provide a way for this amazing subreddit’s members to actually play together outside of discussing Siege and sharing the latest news and highlights.

Our goal is to provide an LFG experience for this community that is simple, real-time, flexible, and high-quality.

  • Simple: Sign up, set your preferences, and drop in. Mayhem remembers your preferences, so it’s even faster the next time you drop in!
  • Real-time: See the players currently looking for a group as they drop in, and click on player cards to chat or invite them to your group instantly.
  • Flexible: Specify how many players you already have and how many you need. Whether you are looking for a duo to grind or need a 5-stack for scrims, Mayhem will help you find the best prospects accordingly!
  • High-quality: By setting your preferences, you get to tell the community exactly how you want to play. When matched with a group, you will have a chance to review each player before accepting or declining to make sure it feels like a good fit. We’ve also built an AFK check to remove inactive players from the pool, Honors for players you enjoyed playing with, and Blocks for those that you’d like to prevent from messaging you or joining your group (More on Honor and Blocks below!).

How to LFG with the r/Rainbow6 Community

On the sidebar, you will see a Mayhem LFG widget that is custom built for this subreddit. The widget displays how many players are currently looking for a group and how many have already grouped up.


Note: Mayhem LFG is best experienced via desktop web browser on the new Reddit layout. This feature does not require you to download the Mayhem desktop app.

Clicking “LFG” will navigate you to r/Rainbow6’s page where you can sign up using your Reddit account to drop in, open chats, and invite players.

  • Drop In: Set your preferences such as region, platform, rank, etc. to drop in. Once you’ve dropped in, you show up in the pool of players that are currently looking for a group so others can message or invite you!
  • Open Chat: Directly message players that have dropped in to gauge whether they feel like a good fit for you.
  • Invite Players: If you see someone you want to group with, you may invite them from the LFG pool or from your chat.

Before joining a group, you will see player cards for everyone to help you decide whether you want to confirm or decline.
B3H9Vyj - We’re launching LFG with the r/Rainbow6 community!

In the group view, you will have access to everyone’s IGNs where you can click-to-copy to add them in game.
vSr665V - We’re launching LFG with the r/Rainbow6 community!

Additional Features

  • After you’ve dropped in, you can click “Match Me” to automatically be grouped with other players based on your preferences.
  • Honor players that you enjoyed playing with. Similar to Reddit Karma, Honor points highlight friendly and positive players and are displayed on the LFG cards.
  • Block players to prevent them from being able to message or invite you to a group. Mayhem will also avoid matching you with any players that you have blocked.
  • Report bugs, surface issues to moderators, and provide feedback through the moderator chat.


We want to build an LFG experience that this community is excited about, so any and all feedback is more than welcome. We’ll be keeping an eye on this post for the next few days; please feel free to leave any questions, comments, or feedback here! You can also provide feedback directly on Mayhem in the moderator chat or through the subreddit’s modmail system.

Special shoutout to
jeypiti - We’re launching LFG with the r/Rainbow6 community!

u/jeypiti and
u/LordKeren for all their effort and guidance in helping build this for the community!

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