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What the #SaveSiege movement is about for me.

Rainbow6 - What the #SaveSiege movement is about for me.

Recently pro players have started a movement on twitter with the hashtag #SaveSiege and many players of this game, including myself have joined in. Make no mistake, this is NOT to harass or demand anything from Ubisoft. We understand well that they are being extremely restricted in what they can do because of the virus. If anyone tries to abuse or harass Ubisoft employees for "the state of the game" these people should feel ashamed, and even be banned from social platforms like this subreddit.

That said, the goal of this long post is simply to discuss the issues in the game. I wanted to share my views which some might disagree, but overall I fell resonates with a huge portion of the playerbase of siege, whether it is pros, ranked and casual players.

  1. We wish for more communication and transparency.

If you know Interro, he's said before that Ubisoft representatives and devs are always communicating, through podcasts like the logicbomb podcast. He said that redditors and twitter users prioritise drama over these clips of devs talking about the games issues.

This is true. I agree 100% and this must change. However, a podcast on YouTube isn't the best way to have any form of communication with the playerbase because it's only between people present in the podcast and also, unfortunately, not everyone watches the podcast. Compare this to the dev's blog, where it is official, well documented, easily accessible and referenced. Dev's blogs are the most major form of communication players rely on when understanding what Ubisoft is trying to achieve or do. I personally feel, as do many others, that these dev blogs need to be updated more frequently, in more detail. I always watch the logicbomb podcasts and for some reason, there's more information and details in the podcast then the dev blog.

Confusion and misinformation is bad for everyone. We need to fix this above all else.

  1. We want to know what is the direction of the game

This is where it is unclear to me, and many others. Does Ubisoft wish siege to become a tier 1 esports game, or a casual shooter game? The two are honestly contradictory and trying to have both is like having the cake and eating it too. If Ubisoft wishes the game to become an esports title, all balancing and QoL efforts must be to increase skill gaps, reduce rng or luck and eliminate existence of METAs.

Balancing. Goyo is the biggest example of the unclear direction. If Ubisoft is willing to nerf Goyo because he is so powerful in proleague eventhough he is very bad in ranked, that, to me, shows that they want to prioritise pros. Not saying that is good or bad, but this direction is unclear because when we look at Jager, it is the complete opposite. They nerfed Jager's speed because he is so popular in ranked and speed = popularity in many cases, especially if the operator has a good gun (ie. Ash). However, Jager's problem in proleague is his ADS. His ADS in tandem with Wamai magnets are able to waste almost all the attacker's utility. The nerf on Jager showed that Ubisoft wants to focus on the casual/ranked playerbase and not pros.

RNG. The reason chess is said to be pure skill and zero luck is because of the inexistence of rng in its gameplay. The reason a slot machine is considered pure luck and zero skill is because it is all RNG. Does Ubisoft wish for the game to have RNG and reward less skilled players for spraying a wall and luckily killing a person 5 km away with the 1 shot headshot (1SHS) mechanic? Or do they want the game to reward aim and skillful maneuvers?

Realism. Is Ubisoft going to stick with the half-consistent "realism" such as loss of color and sound when below 20 HP for the casuals who might like that, or do they want to prioritise fair gameplay where any HP doesn't change the ability for a pro to fight back? The fact that we can summon reinforcements from another world should hint that realism isn't a priority, but why are thermite and fuze explosions still causing an earthquake on the screen for someone on the other side of the map? Even if this was realistic, why do we care about realism sometimes and we don't other times?


So which one is it? Do pros matter or casuals matter? When the interests allign, it's all good but when they don't, you end up in this complex predicament. I think Ubisoft needs to be clear on what direction they are taking and stick with it. Hold their stance and never waver. It's only fair that way. Not be wishy washy about it.

  1. We hate cheaters

This is impossible to blame Ubisoft for. They have outsourced to BattlEye to solve the cheater situation, but I still feel this issue should be addressed because only Ubisoft can communicate to BattlEye, so us communicating to Ubisoft is the easiest way to send the message across.

The banwave system is not reliable. Waiting to compile analyses and evidence for months only to do huge banwaves instead of continuous small bans is never going to work for two reasons. Payoff and Time.

Payoff. Cheaters usually cheat only to feel good being at the #1 champion rank for a while. Their account is usually only level 50 and below and the payoff of being #1 feels good for them even if they get banned 4 months down the road. That's the thing. As long as the payoff exists, cheaters have an incentive to continue to cheat. They get to abuse people and flaunt their egos for 4-5 months, get banned and by then they have levelled up another account they bought in order to repeat the process anew.

Time. In the 4-5 months BattlEye rounds up hundreds to thousands of users to be banned in the next banwave, cheat developers and hackers have devised new cheats and can sidestep the BattlEye database update by abandoning the cheats they used that took BattlEye 4-5 months to update, and use new cheats.

  1. We respect devs and the tremendous pressure and amount of work they have. We want them to know that we prioritise the game's health over new content and QoL improvements.

I know that Ubisoft has many divisions and each handle a different aspect of the game. However, even within certain subdivisions, we wish to make clear our priorities.

The balancing team. We wish for the balancing of META operators that have for far too long made the game one dimensional and stale. It's always Goyo Jager Wamai Castle and Maestro in proleague. It's always Jager Maestro Echo Mute and Mozzie in ranked. We want something to be done about these operators. Not create hypothetical situations where Warden is favoured, by creating a monster Ying. We want the elimination of big problems, not the introduction of "improvements" that just creates new problems.

The dev team. We wish for priority on game breaking problems like the broken hatch teleportation glitch that has been here since who knows how long. We wish for priority on the rubberbanding through doors and windows issue to be fixed. We do not wish for, nor asked for, a confusing and pointless shrapnel system. We did not ask for random changes to the damage system and calculations of explosives (which was also not highlighted in any patch notes).

  1. We want to express how much we love this game and respect the developers and staff who made this wonderful game the way it is.

It is often assumed that any constructive criticism comes from a source of hatred and anger. This is not the case. Many of us love the game, and no matter how "broken" it is, we still play the game. Maybe we don't like ranked because of cheaters. We play casual instead. Maybe we want a competitive edge, we play scrimms instead. The point is, we truly appreciate all the work that Ubisoft has put into this game, and we're not being demanding and non-appreciative. We're just a little frustrated and scared with what has been going on with the game. We just want the game to become better and continue to be the best game we have ever played for years to come.

Sincerely, A Rainbow Six Siege Idiot.

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