Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

What We Know About Season 2 So Far

Rainbow2 - What We Know About Season 2 So Far

RHrz33C - What We Know About Season 2 So Far



-Female Danish Attacker (according to leaks, this stealth attacker will be invisible to cameras and have a silent step function similar to Cavs)

-Male USA Secret Service Defender (according to leaks, this defender will have a special eyesight that bypasses flashes and smokes.

-Lion Rework (Half as long warning time, half as long scan duration, and now is ping based similar to Jackal)

-Glaz Rework (thermal vision only works when standing still, moving him away from the entry-fragging role)

-Capitão Rework (fire system changes)


-Kafe Rework

-Bigger top floor

-Skylight partly blocked

-Changed staircase in 1st floor Restaurant

-Bakery/Kitchen bombsite moved completely into Kitchen

-New objective

Images here

s2X2O1i - What We Know About Season 2 So Far

GbOT1LG - What We Know About Season 2 So Far


-No more beta tag

-Pick and Ban introduction

Possible changes:

nFApgTe - What We Know About Season 2 So Far

-New rank above diamond called “Top Players” with a ruby colour

-Colour adjustments for platinum and diamond. Platinum is getting the old diamond cyan colour and diamond is now purple

Ranked “Hub”:

-New ranked menus

vbgRmeO - What We Know About Season 2 So Far

“Overview” tab:

-Shows maps added/removed from rotation

-Shows rewards such as charms

-Shows how much time till end of season

WlJygfr - What We Know About Season 2 So Far

“My Rank” tab:

-Can be sorted for different regions

-Shows your current rank

-Shows your highest MMR for the current season

-Shows your reward for the current season (highest rank charm)

-Shows your number of matches played

-Number of wins

-Number of Losses

-Number of Abandons

-Your current season Win rate

-Your current season KD ratio

-Shows your last match details regarding whether you win or lose and the MMR change


-Shows last 3 seasons rank and MMR (not sure if highest or when season ended)

“Skill” tab:

-Shows most popular MMR levels with a graph ranging from copper IV to diamond.

“Rules” tab:

-Is labelled but not shown

“Maps” tab:

-Shows all maps in current rotation as well as any being removed/added for that season

Operator “Album” (could come with S2):

-Separate attacker and defender sections

-Shows favourite attacker and defender (looks like it’s by most hours played)

-Easier to see which operators you have and don’t have and is simpler to buy operators


-TTS is now 3 weeks long instead of 2

-Seasonal event

-“Player Behaviour Improvements” regarding friendly fire and team killing and possibly rewards for positive behaviour

-Deployable Shield Rework was announced for sometime in Y4 but could come with S2



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