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Why did Ubisoft arbitrarily raise the price of new operators when we are getting less?

Rainbow6 - Why did Ubisoft arbitrarily raise the price of new operators when we are getting less?

I don't know why a single person hasn't talked about this yet but I am rightfully angry about this. For the last 5 years it cost 25 dollars for 8 operators a year, plus cosmetic sets for them, plus a VIP shop discount and some r6 credits. It was simple and reasonable. Now they want us to pay 10 dollars each season for 1 operator.

but why don't you just wait 2 weeks and buy them separately?

The number one thing people get on a new season for is the new operator, hell that's the only actual piece of novel content we get anymore since map reworks have been very lackluster for the last year or so. Why should I have to pay 40 dollars a year just to get access to 4 operators and a battlepass that is arbitrarily attached to said operators? I am at an inherent disadvantage if another team has access to more operators and op knowledge than me. I always thought it was somewhat ridiculous for this paid game to have operators behind an additional paywall (I know renown is an option but for a new player to buy all the ops it will take an insane amount of grind, compared to something like overwatch which just gave every player all the heroes from the get go) but this is getting out of hand.

Its important for people to have options when purchasing things, I know Ubisoft is Ubisoft but this just was swept under the rug. Is this gonna just become a Fortnite situation where we have to pay 10 dollars a season and then there are still 20 dollar cosmetic sets in the shop? Come on Ubisoft.


Why am I making this post when this decision was most likely made by some fat cats all the way up at the top of the greedy Ubisoft corporate ladder? If we generate enough backlash there's a chance this could be reversed or even better, split into two options: a 20-ish dollar year pass (ideally it would be less than 25 due to there being less content but lets be realistic) and the battle pass bundle for those who want the battle pass every season .

I am surprised there are no huge articles titled "Ubisoft puts price hike on rainbow six operators", every mention of this from major publications has been just a sentence long. Hopefully we can change that and get Ubisoft to listen. Make posts and tweet about it, even email IGN or something, anything to spread the news that this makes no sense.

Again I will probably buy this battle-pass since I actually think it looks good and I need an incentive to play the game (which Ubisoft never supplies) but if the bp looks bad why should I be forced to bundle it with the new ops I need.

TL;DR Ubisoft now forces you to pay 40 bucks a year for early access to 4 ops instead of 25 dollars a year for 8, no one apparently cares? Spread the word!

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