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Year 4 Should Bring Pro League Rules To Ranked and Ranked Rules to Casual

Rainbow4 - Year 4 Should Bring Pro League Rules To Ranked and Ranked Rules to Casual

It is my opinion, and I believe many others, that Ranked needs to have Pro League rules and Casual needs to have Ranked rules. I'll explain why I believe this and I'm open to any opinions or discussion.

Ranked like Pro League: Ranked is supposed to be the competitive mode for the game, so I believe it should mirror the most competitive level of the game, Pro League. This includes Pick & Ban, 6th Pick and the format of the rounds. If you're not aware, in PL one team will attack 5 straight rounds while the other defends, then they switch. First to 6 wins, if they tie best of 3 wins OT.

All of these settings together lead to ultra-competitive games and that's how ranked should be. Having the ability to ban an operator your team simply doesn't want to put up with is great. 6th Pick gives you a chance to see your opponents strategy and counter it, while they have that same opportunity. This leads to a much more strategic game, as it should. Pick & Ban combined with the PL rounds format is also great and leads to a much more strategic game. If you know you're defending the first 5 rounds you can ban an op that the attack will need like Hibana because you know it'll give you a chance to take a good lead before you have to attack. Same goes with attack as you could ban Mira knowing you don't have to defend for 5 rounds. I just love how much strategy and gameplan these settings bring with them and because ranked is supposed to be the competitive game mode, it should have these settings.

Casual like Ranked: We all know casual is in a bad spot. The rounds drag out because of a 4min timer, not being able to pick spawns, especially on defense, really hinders the usage of operators like Mira. Casual just needs to have some changes to make it more like the current ranked so it's not so much of a dread. It can still be the same amount of rounds, because after all it is casual and ppl want to grind out games, but when it comes to picking spawns and the round time limit, it should definitely be like the current ranked.

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